Ladies and Gentleman: Hunky Pastor Unibrow!

If you’re the type to suspect that wingnuts might welcome terrorist attacks, then this crap is right up your alley. Doug Giles and his fun-loving outrage can barely contain themselves.

There’s been a terrorist attack. OF COURSE! The jerk was a Muslim? PBBBBT!! YA THINK!?!? BWAH HA LIBBRULS!!!!!

Giles will never be more in his element:

The Progressives’ Favorite Pastime: Pin the Blame on the White Guy
by Doug Giles

doug-gilesThe progressive America-haters were so let down this past week when authorities revealed that the bomber in the failed NYC bomb plot was yet another unibrowed Muslim male between the ages of 18-35.

On this Jesus website, it’s perfectly fine to characterize other folks as religious unibrows. Scott Roeder drove across part of a continent to shoot and kill Dr. Tiller in church, where his wife was sitting, but he’s no “another unibrowed Christian.” Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by right-winger Yigal Amir, but he’s no “unibrowed Jew.”

That revelation absolutely ruined their Tuesday and constituted massive movie and cable news re-writes nationwide.

We re-wrote movies? Or ‘movie news’?

Matter of fact, after the disclosure that Felicia Shazaam was the culprit (or whatever the heck his name is) . .

He’s a woman! Good one. You really burned him – I bet he’s watching.

. . reported that the ever-fattening Bob Beckel was heard cussin’ all the way over in Phoenix, but no one understood what he was whining about because nobody speaks English in Phoenix anymore. (Cinco de Mayo, Julio? How’s about Cinco de Do-Si-Do back to Meh-hee-co if you are ill-legal-lo? Comprende?)