Conservatives and Comedy Autism, May 16th 2010 edition

A semi-regular installment. It’s been a while since the last one, so this is an extra-large edition.

Why don’t conservatives understand comedy? Why are metaphors and irony and the like an utterly foreign language? Why do they keep making attempts at it anyways? These are eternal mysteries. Gawk at the strangeness along with me. Starting with Gary McCoy:

gary mccoy 2

Easy enough to understand, eh? And your 5th grader could do better.

gary mccoy 3

It’s why I voted for him.

gary mccoy 1

Believe it or not, someone pays Gary to comment on politics. Well drawn. Brian Farrington too:

Brian farrington

Look how ugly she is. Clearly she’s not qualified for the Supreme Court.

brian farrington 2

Happy hippy liberal day! And you secretly hate the Earth, so there.

chip bok

. . also you have stupid ideas. Like wind power, as if.

chuck asay 1

Whose fault is it that gas prices are so high? Yours. Next time some terrific oil company decimates the environment, don’t try to hold them responsible. You’re only going to make it worse for yourself.

chuck asay 3

If this had happened during the Bush administration, no one would have forced Goldman Sachs into hearings. Then there’s no hypocrisy, get it?

eric allie 1

When you’ve got more nuclear weapons than everybody else, you’re pretty much unarmed.

glenn mccoy 1

And when you won’t call in a ballistic missile airstrike on this guy, you’re a pussy.

glenn mccoy 2

Pedophile = gay. Glenn McCoy = butthole.

glenn mccoy 4

Politicians, right? With their spending. Surely we’ll “pay pay” for that.

mike lester 1

Politicians! Right? With their spending! Sheesh!

mike lester 2

. . double . . triple . . quadruple. Hmm.

mike lester 3

Liberals trying to save the planet. Sooo stuck up. Be a decent person already and don’t do anything at all, okay?

mike lester 5

A 13 year-old is a man. A 26 year-old grad student is a loser. See?

lisa benson 3

Imagine if that WARNING! sign weren’t there. How would anyone ever get the joke?

lisa benson 1

BP is spending Obama’s money? Or Obama is spending BP’s money? A better President wouldn’t clean up the Gulf? Hmm.

steve kelley 4

Steve Kelley, AKA ‘dork’.

steve kelley 1

Boobs! I get it.

steve kelley 3

Those losers are into chicks. Remarkable likenesses too.

steve kelley 5

Women, pfft.

And last, as usual, Wayne Stayskal. Posted without comment this time to allow to you wallow undisturbed in his craft. You have never been as bad at your job as Wayne is at his:

wayne stayskal 1

wayne stayskal 8

wayne stayskal 3

wayne stayskal 5

wayne stayskal 2


3 thoughts Conservatives and Comedy Autism, May 16th 2010 edition

  1. avatar rmf says:

    You know, you’ve mentioned comedy autism before and it completely connects. I do, however, think it’s more retardation. They aren’t capable of humor and there aren’t really any savant perks.

    The formula is simple: Kernel of truth = funny.

    Naturally, if your dumb as a post – your kernels are different. Soooo when Piper, Punt, Skid and Paste match kernels…hilarity ensues. (for them)

    Arrested development right there.

  2. avatar toma says:

    Still makes me laugh whenever pretty much anybody makes fun of the Palin clan names. Spork, Brig, Cloink, whatever. Come to think of it, if they’d had any proper sense of humor, they sure as hell wouldn’t have done that to their kids. Cronk, Moob, Krackle, Pop.

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