Radical Islamists, waiting for you at Panera

How to Get Blood out of a Burka
by Susan Dale | Human Events | 05/18/2010

The hits from this White House just keep coming:

“Fulfilling his commitment made last year in Cairo to help deepen ties between business leaders, foundations and entrepreneurs in the United States and Muslim communities around the world, President Obama today kicked off a two-day Entrepreneurship Summit in Washington, DC. ‘We will bring business and social entrepreneurs from Muslim-majority countries to the United States and send their American counterparts to learn from your countries’” . .

This is at the same time that the American business intern program has been abolished by the Obama Administration.

This is at the same time that Israeli nuclear scientists are denied entry into the United States.

This is at the same time that our soldiers in the two fronts of the war on terror are being shot at by Iranian and Syrian supported Islamist terrorists.

And the United States of America is paying to send our children to Islamic countries TO LEARN?


How to CHOP THE HEADS off our baby children? How to CRAM CAR BOMBS up the asses of our CHRISTIAN TEENS while they SLEEP? How to kill, gut and SKIN OUR ARMY SOLDIERS, sewing them into effeminate handbags for their WIVES to SNEAK AK47s pass the War Department BORDER PATROL? So they can STAB ME AT THE PANERA? No way. I can just hear the Muslim bastards…

“You Americans are so styoopid”, that’s what they’d say. “I hAm hA Islamist. You, you hAmericans are ha styoopid, you late me hout of yoor haGuamtAlamo, so now I ham ha free-radikell Islamist. Now I can haBoink hall my wayives so they have children, so they harrrr born-free-radikell Islamist. I keeel you. We keeel you. hAllah my family and hAckbar. He keeel you too. hEVERYBODY I know they KEEEL you.”