West Point cadets applaud President Obama, Fox News edits it out

More Fox scumbaggery to pass along.

The President addressed West Pointers graduating on Saturday, and the media recorded it. Fox News tried to edit the clip to make the President look bad, but got caught red-handed:

He also praised American troops for their performance in Iraq. “A lesser Army might have seen its spirit broken,” he said, adding that “through their competence and creativity and courage, we are poised to end our combat mission in Iraq this summer.” At that point, cadets and the audience applauded for at least 12 seconds… However, as Michael Moore observed, video from the speech on FoxNews.com edits out that applause entirely, making it appear as if Obama is bizarrely staring silently for a long period of time.

Obama’s particular praise for the Armed Forces begins around 11 seconds in, and the ridiculous audio edit cuts in at 31 seconds. The echoing of his address is clearly audible until then:

The second half of the clip, coming after the one minute mark, is the whitehouse.gov recording of the same speech.