For ‘Columbo’ Schlussel, the episode ends when she nabs the same bearded culprit

Just how scummy can a guy get?

debbie schlussel

NO — not wingnut blogger Debbie Schlussel. This other guy.

Andrew Warren acted as our Algerian CIA Station Chief in 2007 and 2008. But while he was there, this animal drugged and raped at least two Algerian women. He pleaded guilty Monday to sexual assault and could be sentenced to 10 years in jail.

There are elements of this brutal tale that certainly make for a lurid and narcissistic story: Andrew was your vaunted ‘rising star’ at the CIA, speaking 6 Arabic dialects as well as Farsi, was an expert in martial arts, and had been posted in Egypt, Afghanistan, and New York before getting the top job in Algiers.

andrew-warrenAnd, back in 2002, he wrote a terrorism-thriller novel in which the Algerian embassy gets saved from terrorist obliteration by the heroic Nick, a bad-ass martial arts American Consul guy. (It was not well-received.)

I bother to tell you this story because a knee-jerk like Schlussel will go waaay out of her way to tell you this story, but with her own predictable inflection.

Nothing about this troubled, complicated scumbag seems to matter much to Deborah Furor-Fuhrer except a certain single thing. I will conveniently leave it out for a reveal — not that that will be much dramatic given her laser-like focus on the Singularity Of All Evil we’ve been faced with, Schlussel-wise. But just for fun, all the same.

OK, back to the crime:

According to the affidavit, a second alleged victim told a similar story, saying Warren met her at the U.S. embassy and invited her for a “tour of his home” where she said he prepared an apple martini for her “out of her sight.”

The second victim said she suddenly felt faint and went to the bathroom where “V2 [victim 2] could see and hear, but she could not move,” the affidavit says . .

The alleged victim said she remembers being in Warren’s bed and asking him to stop, but that “Warren made a statement to the effect of ‘nobody stays in my expensive sheets with clothes on.'” She told investigators “as she slipped in and out of consciousness she had conscious images of Warren penetrating her vagina repeatedly with his penis.”

The second victim told investigators she sent Warren a text message accusing him of abusing her and he replied, “I am sorry,” the affidavit says.

They complained, and he was caught, ordered back to America and charged with rape. April of this year:

A person close to Warren told ABC News that State Department officials began searching for Warren 11 days ago after he missed a routine pre-trial appearance and could not be found. “His phones were shut off, and none of his family or friends had heard from him,” the person told ABC News.

Warren, 42, was located after federal law enforcement officers reached out to his friends and family, warning them that they were concerned for Warren’s safety and believed he was armed and consuming crack cocaine. He was arrested by local police, U.S. Marshals and the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service at a Norfolk, Virginia Ramada Limited hotel late Monday. He was taken by law enforcement officials to a local hospital.

On a drug binge and carrying a handgun, they found Andrew and took him in. His life is pretty much over.

On a flip side, Debbie’s life has barely begun — yay! — because the thrilling threat is everywhere. And we are sooooo stoopid.

As usual, there remains a story behind the story. There’s a sordid truth behind what the lamestream media tell you, and Debbie’s not so blind that she can’t see it staring her right in the face-en-schloosen. It’s not just part of the story: IT’S THE STORY. Period. There’s a part of Warren’s identity that everybody went out of their way to hide because, WOW, if you only knew.

Deb’s snared it though — heck, that’s why they gave her a blog:

Who is Andrew Warren? . .
June 9, 2010, – 1:37 pm

. . He apparently drugged the women and videotaped his attacks. Aside from being disgusting and barbaric, those activities made him a perfect target for blackmail by Muslims seeking to infiltrate the Embassy or find out CIA intelligence.

Oops — not that part. She’s got half of that novel sitting on her laptop and thought she’d hit you with some pre-sales p.r.. Again:

But what you probably don’t know is . .

. . breath ‘bated . . time suspended . . planets frozen . .

. . that Warren is . .


a Muslim–a fact conveniently left out of all the mainstream media reports, but which I reported on this site, last year, when Warren’s “activities” were exposed on ABC News.


He converted to the religion and tried to push on all who would listen that it’s a “moderate” religion. As I also noted, even more frightening–and straight out of a Daniel Silva novel–Warren authored his own mystery thiller, “The People of the Veil,” which appears to be an autobiography . . . about a Muslim plot to infiltrate the U.S. Embassy in Algiers by bypassing security and using the second in command at the Embassy.

Fine — was he infiltrating the Algerian embassy as a killer Muslim terrorist subversive I.E.D. douche? Or predicting (?) he’d be used by Muslim agents wise to his sex-crimes keen to overtake the station? Or was he just a self-mythologizing American ass? Check the novel’s story:

. . Nick fears the imminent attack by terrorists on the US Embassy with the goal of killing all Americans. Because of the deteriorating security situation, Nick orders an evacuation of the embassy. Nick goes head to head with Abu Fahad, leader of a violent Islamic terrorist cell, who has already killed the Prime Minister and several senior Algerian leaders, including Nick’s girlfriend’s family. In a race with the ultimate consequences, Nick, Sami, and his girlfriend must escape from terrorists who will stop at nothing to kill them and every other American in Algeria.

While Deboreich missed the invisibly ham-handed elements in the novel, amateur reviewers did not:

The characters are wooden and one-dimensional. The hero is blatantly the author. For example, on the back of the book, he puts down that he obtained a Master’s Degree in Middle East History and Arabic. Nick, the hero? The same. My guess is that the author knows some martial arts just like “Nick” does. But beyond that, I can’t count how many times there was some phrase in the book like: “Nick always did the right thing,” or “Nick treated everyone with respect” or “She thought of Nick; he was always strong.” Nick could do no wrong in this book.

Yes. And as long as Debbie sniffs Islam in the wind, she can do no wrong in her book. When it comes to Muslims, you people are all fucking idiots:

Hmm . . . life imitates art, or art imitates life? Either way, it’s frightening that this man was the top U.S. spy in Algiers and that the CIA didn’t see the content of his book and his several rapes as a problem. And that should tell you something about what I’ve always thought about the quality of the CIA: there isn’t any.

In the CIA, Warren was given promotion after promotion merely because he’s Muslim and speaks Arabic. Of course, now the CIA and the press are dismissing his actions, saying he’s “disturbed” and a “drug addict.” Right. And if those excuses were true and the CIA promoted a disturbed drug addict to such an important post in great Arabian Terroristan, as Algeria is, what does that tell you about the level of intelligence in that organization?


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