Business twats: fed workers pile up HUNDREDS of dollars in yearly bonuses!

Bonus bonanza for federal workers
Examiner Editorial | June 16, 2010

Under the Obama administration, the government is doing such a good job that it’s decided to reward itself. Last year, Uncle Sam paid out $408 million in bonuses to 1.3 million federal workers, according to the Asbury Park Press, which obtained the information through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Kidding? No. Dry sense of humor? No!

Ameri-biz twathole? CLANG. $408M a year divided by 1.3M people is . . *clackety* . . $313.85.

Buddy of mine worked over the weekend moving families from house to house, made $200 in tips.

That’s about $80 million more than the previous year. About one in four federal workers received a bonus, and awards ranged from $25 to, in the case of one lucky State Department worker, $94,500.

So the REAL yearly bonus rate for the lucky ones came out to $1,200.

That $408 million figure only counts bonuses that were handed out to about 65 percent of the federal work force. The FOI request didn’t cover awards handed out by the Defense and Treasury departments, security agencies, the White House, Congress and various other federal agencies and commissions. In 2008, the last year information was available, the Department of Defense alone handed out $92 million in bonuses to its 687,000 employees.

. . and $92M divided by 0.687M workers is . . *clackety* . . $133.92.

Google “Goldman Sachs” yourselves, I’m going to bed.