Calls for impeachment after finding Obama ordered NASA to teach Arabs rocket science

Boy howdy, this is a good one [background here].

This comes from an outlet called Clean TV: “CleanTV(R) avoids programming that shows unrebuked immoral behavior including rebellion, drug or excessive abuse, unnecessary excessive violence, obscenities, occult themes or alluring clothing or behavior.”

Clean TV also provides breaking news content with commentary from the wholly mature adult Jerry McGlothlin, who squirms and twitches and grimaces over the STOOOPIT OBAMA stuff they have to report on.

But CleanTV has this question of Obama and the administrators at NASA: (graphic of scary looking man) Just how much are you going to teach terrorists about creating and launching rockets? And how can we be assured that these terrorists will your gift of rocket science for peaceful purposes?

Jerry’s tongue spazzes enough to get off a ‘Brock Abamma,‘ a ‘vie-za-ver-za‘ and a ‘hawkoobieshurred‘ in about two minutes, all the while continually looking over his shoulder for . . Anwar al-Awlaki? A bottle of better hair dye? A Muslim cruise missile making a line for his backside?

NASAforMuslims<------ This is the hilarious MusliNASA emblem out of the video. These are some serious people, and they should be taken seriously.


6 thoughts Calls for impeachment after finding Obama ordered NASA to teach Arabs rocket science

  1. avatar Katie says:

    Wow that was completely awful.

  2. avatar Brandon says:

    Thank the FSM that wasn’t any longer, else I may have had to declare some sort of “Jee-hud” on “CleanTV”.

    Seriously, in the entire right-wing-crazyverse they couldn’t find someone less frustratingly awful to put on their “news” show?

  3. avatar obiwan says:

    What an ignorant bufoon. How he can masquerade on “Clean TV” is beyond ne. If he stayed awake instead of sleeping through his history class he would know that civilization is in space now because of mathematics, which originated in the Arab world.

    If his equation is true that all Muslims are terrorists, then it follows that all ignorant white Americans belong to the KKK. Pretzel logic. (PS I am white).

    What a poor, delusional, ignorant bastard.

  4. avatar satirica says:

    wow! i havent stopped laughing yet from watching this

    it cant be real can it? it must be a liberal mole trying to disgrace right-wingbats

    oh my!

  5. avatar toma says:

    Is he beautiful, or what? His tinted scalp has declared total Jee-hud on his brain matter and turned it into a Chestnut Colorsilk hair-ball. That’s why he keeps turning his head — his skull is trying to hack the mess up.

  6. avatar JJ says:

    Putting aside the outrageous racism in his comments (Arabs are terrorists), he displays a total ignorance and contempt for Arab and Muslim contributions to math and science. Zero, algebra, geometry, astronomy, and other disciplines were brought to the modern world by Arab thinkers. And modern Arabs are just as good. They are less than 1 percent of the American population but medical and engineering schools are brimming with Arab students. My college roomate, now an Arab engineer in Kuwait, did the math we took in college when he was a sophomore in high school.

    These right wing morons should learn something about the people they dehumanize.

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