Sher Zieve slaps the Taj Mahal from Obama’s hands

Sher Zieve’s poisonous intellect has never threatened so much as a cyanotic rat. That’s why she’s entertaining as hell:

November 3, 2010
Obama moving White House to India?
By Sher Zieve |

Despite yesterday’s election, it is now blatantly obvious that Obama & Co neither cares about the United States of America nor its people.

Sher Zieve neither care about English. Sher cares neither for writing bothers nor to ask for help. Sher do bring up one issue, though: what are difference between United States of America and their people? Discuss.

Today, the US tyrant — along with an estimated 50 jumbo jets full of his 3,000 person entourage — will fly Air Force One (followed by the second AF One and Marine One copters) to Mumbai, India where he and his merry minions will take over the entire Taj Mahal and other hotels.

. . the US Tyrant being an Airbus Thirty-Eight-Million equipped with dungeons and Swiss bank accounts large enough to squirrel away Air Force One. Why would we liberals fly 50 jumbo jets with 60 people each when we could fly just 20 jumbos with 150? First class, baby. I actually lobbied for 1000 planes so that we could fit in the cockpits and make ‘rrrooowwwrrr’ noises all the way there.

Nice of The Indians to convert that 17th century mausoleum, one of the architectural wonders on planet Earth, into a hotel for The Obama. Oh — wait — Sher might mean one of the Taj Hotels, like that one in Mumbai that suffered the terrorist attack in 2008! Yes, he’ll be there, and he rented out all 570 rooms. The Indians were happy to oblige, it’s pretty much S.O.P. security stuff for Presidents far abroad. Or, Presidents bar-a-fraud. Heh, pardon me.

The now fully visible to the entire world hedonist and “Neroistc” monarch Obama will spend at least $200 Millions PER DAY of OUR money to indulge his every whim and fantasy. As members of his now wholly-owned media are traveling with him, any news about this grotesque and extreme extravagant waste of taxpayer money — especially considering the US’ current financial disaster brought on principally by this same “monarch” — is virtually, if not literally, criminal.

. . that’s why the orphaned media unknowns Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage and Don Imus are all in San Quentin:

How in the world can The Obama return to the USA after this extraordinary, open abject theft of taxpayer money which he is now laughing about and shoving — even more so — in our faces? What kind of perverse being now occupies the highest elected position in our land?

This kind.

We-the-People have completed Phase One of restoring OUR Republic — taking back the US House of Representatives . . However, it may be time to address the Executive Branch. If the head of it hasn’t committed high crimes and misdemeanors one must ask if those crimes actually exist — at all. Isn’t it time to remove the pretender to the office? Isn’t it?

You’re asking me? Naw.