Media-hungry assholes ask for your horrible abortion opinions

You’re callous? You’re thoughtless? But you’ve had two miscarriages? And you’re familiar with the internet?

Then our post-modern world is for you. Let’s welcome the maestroes of They’d like you to vote on whether they should abort the child currently developing in Alisha Arnold’s womb:

They’ll have two days to make a decision before the 20th week of Alisha’s pregnancy ends, and, with it, her last chance to get an abortion. The poll will influence their decision heavily, the couple said by phone this evening, but it won’t be binding. “It’s kind of like Congress. They might vote for something, but the president has the final veto. If it’s overwhelming one way or the other, that will carry a lot more weight.”

Pete and Alisha Arnold, they’ve made decisions before. They decided to marry 10 years ago. Decided to create other fetuses, though those did not survive to term. Decided to take pictures like this:

Decided to post the ultrasound(!) of the growing fetus, here:

Alisha: “I’m not convinced that I want to change the status quo. I feel that as I age I’ve actually gotten more selfish and set in my ways. I’m afraid that I will eventually regret starting a family and “settling down.” I fear that the constant pressure to be the perfect wife and mother while maintaining a full-time job will eventually cause my brain to implode and lead to a nervous breakdown.”

Gee, if only I could find some way to avoid the serial pregnancy problems that so threaten my peace of mind. WAIT — I’ve got it. I’ll start a website.