Prez candidate Bobby Jindal is disgusted by Obama’s intrusive TSA screenings and unwillingness to defend America

The President, ultimately, makes the decisions that determine how we travelers are processed at any airport. That’s because the planes that end up in the air, or, more accurately, the passengers aboard, are perfectly capable of killing thousands of people on the ground, and wiping out sizable chunks of our greatest cities, and turning our lives into extended meditations on horror, loss and the former blessings of normal life.

While the former president, George W. Bush, was around, these issues were solemn, daunting and pressing New American Issues. But now that George has been supplanted by a Democrat, the way that this new power pretender carries out any security stuff is wrong. Doesn’t particularly matter how he’s doing it, it’s all wrong.

Jindal blasts Obama administration, calls TSA searches excessive
By Gautham Nagesh | The Hill

. . “I think the American people are worried when they see an administration worried about reading Miranda rights to the underwear bomber,” Jindal said. “[They’re] so worried about rights of the terrorists, what about the rights of innocent American travelers?”

Ah, the underwear bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. Why had they read him his Miranda rights? Because he was an obvious sonuvabitch criminal, an attempted mass murderer. That’s why. And Abdulmutallab’s successful security by-pass and near-mass-murder exposed a terrifying blind spot in universal screening: your crotch.

Once again, we had to come to grips with reality — there were avowed anti-Americans smuggling powerful bombs through security in their shorts. The presidential pretender Jindal very much cares about some bit of this. He really cares, ’round ways, all ways, any way. As long as Obama sucks:

“I’m concerned out of political correctness we’re screening people that don’t need it,” Jindal said, adding that TSA should look at passengers’ travel patterns, how they purchased their ticket and other information to screen which passengers pose a threat.

Well, now that the President’s a different person, terrorism has suddenly become a pretty predictable game. Stop your overreaching political correctness: women, for instance, are not going to be suicide bombers . .

. . . yeah, whatever. We still gotta exempt people from screening. I imagine terrorists will take no interest in these policies.

“It feels too much from this administration like we’re playing a defensive game in the war on terrorism,” Jindal said, arguing the administration was lucky that attempted terrorist attacks in Times Square and by the “underwear bomber” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab were unsuccessful.

So the offensive strategy with respect to the Abdulmutallab breach is . . less aggressive airport screenings?

“Luck is not a strategy. We need to be rooting out these networks, we need to be killing these terrorists,” he added. “The bottom line is yes we need to secure our country, but simply playing defense isn’t enough.

So we should have invaded, attacked and rooted out the Abdulmutallab problem back in its home: Nigeria. That’s a hell of a lot easier than changing TSA policy.