John Bolton’s predictable reaction to Wikileaks and Iran revelations: kill, kill, kill

Guess who’s going to run for President in 2012? And get his ass thoroughly kicked? The odious kiss up, kick down’ warmonger, John Bolton.

Gee, John, whaddya think about this Wikileaks thing? Let me guess: somebody’s brains better get spilled?

Bolton on WikiLeaks: ‘Treason, Punishable by Death’
November 29, 2010 | Brian Bolduc | National Review Online

Former ambassador John Bolton tells National Review Online that he would charge Pfc. Bradley Manning with treason for sharing U.S. intelligence with Wikileaks. “I believe treason is still punishable by death and if he were found guilty, I would do it,” Bolton says.

John being a manly manly man — always demanding the military go in and kill all the people he personally fears, chiefly everyone in Iran — I believe he really means “I’d have somebody else do it for me.”

Discussing the revelations themselves, Bolton is not surprised. On Arab countries’ anxiety over Iran’s nuclear program, he notes, “I’ve known this for a long time. It’s one reason I’ve had confidence in saying that the Middle East wouldn’t dissolve into turmoil if the U.S. or Israel attacked the Iranian nuclear weapons program. That’s what the Gulf States in particular have wanted us to do.”

Because in the power game endlessly being played out in John Bolton’s Tom-Clancy-and-American-Exceptionalism wallpapered brain, measly citizens don’t exist. The hoi polloi are but extras milling about the background of the set.

The American military ants will do their jobs. Targets will be erased, rogues will be humbled. The Middle East governments will be good with it. Everything will be fine.

Well, sure, all sorts of people will die, but that’s how the old power game goes. Can’t make any trans-national omelets without cracking some skulls. And not without killing our military people, but they were born to die, right?

BTW, who killed all those Americans on 9/11? The pissed off, anti-American hoi polloi of Saudi Arabia. What drives most of the furious Middle Eastern anti-Americanism that makes terrorism possible? Our conditionless backing of Israel while it kills the Palestinian hoi polloi.

John Bolton thinks this is all some sort of frustrating game in which the most powerful player is never really allowed to strut his stuff. And, by that, I mean he thinks we could kill far more people than we’re killing, and that would terrify and impress the shit out of governments and diplomats, and then we’d get everything we want. John Bolton is the sort of foreign affairs neanderthal that gives us nightmares.