Conservative blog counters CNN’s pro-blackism by highlighting attack by “Pack of Black Girls”

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5 charged in attack on man, pregnant teen aboard bus
By Sara Jean Green | December 16, 2010 | Seattle Times

Three of the five teenage girls caught on video viciously attacking a pregnant teen and her boyfriend on a Metro bus last month have significant juvenile criminal histories, mostly for assaults and thefts, according to court records.

One girl was convicted last year of attacking a woman and attempting to steal her purse, while another girl allegedly grabbed and shoved a nurse at Swedish Hospital in August. A third girl has several theft convictions, including one from early 2008 for stealing $918 worth of merchandise from the downtown Seattle Macy’s store, according to court records.

Boy did the Seattle Times blow this story. When thugs like these go after black folks it doesn’t mean anything. But when the victim’s a pregnant white teen, as in this case, it’s appalling racism. And CNN can go to hell, Townhall’s Greg Hensler is just going to say it out loud:

I could have come up with a fancy way to leave out the obvious race factor, but if the crime were reversed, do you think anyone would leave race out of the description?

The “obvious race factor”? I must be stupid, Greg, so why don’t you help me out: just exactly what is the “obvious race factor”? The attackers and the victim are of different races? Good catch.

I’m sure CNN will be running this on their next “Black in America” weekly tribute to all things black.

Well, you know those Negro-lovers. Playing the clip over and over and rooting for the “pack.”