Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick hits trifecta on first day: misses swearing in, casts extra-constitutional votes, uses Capitol for fundraising

The good people of Pennsylvania’s 8th District might want to take note: Mike Fitzpatrick is some kind of FUBAR tornado. Although, frankly, Pete Sessions is no slouch.

Mike’s not wasting a second of his precious wingnut time before clocking in at the right-wing whackjob. On his very first day in Congress he tried to swear himself in by watching the ceremony on TV, he cast un-constitutional votes in the House, and he broke federal fundraising laws in the Capitol – making for the sort of historic record legal experts will get to puzzle over for years to come. And this was all before he was even a member of Congress. This, friends, might be some sort of unmatchable feat:

Two House Republicans Missed Swearing In While At A Fundraiser In The Capitol, Violating Constitution On Day It Was Read

. . The Republicans, incumbent Pete Sessions of Texas and freshman Mike Fitzpatrick, missed the swearing in because they were at a fundraiser in the Capitol Visitors Center. The pair watched the swearing-in on television from the Capitol Visitors Center with their hands raised.

Are they kidding? Was the oath taken by closed circuit, cable or broadcast? There must be some sort of electronic swearing-in provision buried in Article Bazillion of the Constitution I’m unaware of. They couldn’t even bother with a webcam? Can I serve jury duty by Bluetooth now?

On Thursday, the Rules Committee adjourned because Sessions had made a motion to open proceedings to begin considering the GOP bill to repeal health care reform – an action that can only be taken by an official member of Congress.

These two idiots froze all activity in the House for over two hours while the Republicans huddled and then scrambled to make everything proper and legal. As for non-members Sessions’ and Fitzpatrick’s earlier votes for Speaker Boehner, who knows what it all means? Somebody call the capitol historians league. Somebody round up a crapload of lawyers.

But there’s more: while they were at the Capitol Visitors Center, receiving folks who had donated to Fitzpatrick in order to backslap him on his first big day, Mike may have broken federal law.

Sessions and Fitzpatrick were at an event elsewhere in the Capitol complex and watched the swearing-in there. Because Fitzpatrick solicited funds in conjunction with an entire day’s worth of first-day activities, some outlets have reported that he was at a fundraiser. It is against federal criminal law for members of Congress to accept contributions in the Capitol or its surrounding office buildings.

He solicited the funds before the event at the Capitol, but there’s no doubt it was a real fundraiser. Here’s the website for the event, here are screenshots:

Call me cynical but I’d bet, if I were a Democratic member of the House, and I asked for $10,000 donations in conjunction with a “Meet toma at the Washington Monument” event, there’d be howls of protest from members of the Republican caucus.

Yes, well, isn’t it a good thing the patriots are back in power? After a scant few hours, they’re already restoring honor and dignity to our sacred institutions.


2 thoughts Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick hits trifecta on first day: misses swearing in, casts extra-constitutional votes, uses Capitol for fundraising

  1. avatar EricR says:

    Nice blog. Shows you have a talent and an interest in life but you are obviously being misled by someone.

    If you understood what made that kid shoot Rep Giffords you’d be taking a step back and assessing your attachment to an ideology that is driving it’s own people insane with constant irrationalities. I’ll grant you the kid wasn’t glued too tight but when you push people over the edge it is you who are responsible not the weakness you preyed upon. Keep that in mind the next time you listen to somebody claim they understand Marx and how communism works. The reality is in every live lived in those nations being only what the political class allows or can afford. Look around you. Poverty on the rise and your leaders dumping ten grand a night in hotel rooms, ice cream, booze, extravagant world travel almost non stop. Think. Who is abusing what and whom? Do you know how that at least 160,000,000 people were killed by communists so far so they could live the same life of luxury and hold power over life and death? Do you know that this nation was founded to never allow that to happen and all that is required is you know the laws and hold power accountable? You are not obliged to choose any other by the way. Read Title 50 s 841 of the US Code.

  2. avatar toma says:

    Thank you for your gracious compliments and lucid commentary.

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