Wingnut Matt Towery: let’s not forget John Lennon’s violence

The boiling hot stupid.

Here comes a post from Matt Towery, who tells us he once called John Lennon “my Beatles hero.” Matt is reminded, in the midst of the vicious post-Tucson tragedy reprisals by the left upon the peaceful right, that John Lennon was no better anyone else. He too preferred nastiness to civility:

Hey, Liberals, Will John Lennon Straighten You Out?
Matt Towery | Jan 13 2010 |

. . Let’s turn history around on the more liberal side of the media and government. Let’s cite another example of a well-known “liberal” — as self-defined by his song lyrics, among other things — who himself might have heightened political or social tensions in his day by means of his “rhetoric.” I’m talking about the late rock star, the Beatles’ John Lennon.

He may have heightened social tensions in his day. Because he once lived, and he heightened social tensions. Specifically he rejected violence and war in all its forms which, in those days of his, was seen as an effort to depose the United States government. They were not amused.

In the spring of 1970, some students protesting at Kent State University in Ohio became aggressive, as passionate young people are susceptible of doing sometimes. That’s when some National Guardsmen — also young, but armed, too — confronted the most threatening of the Kent students. Soon, four students lay dead.

Trying to spare my feelings, Matt? Of course it was the unarmed students that were “most threatening.” That’s why the guardsmen fired indiscriminately upon them, “confronting” them to death. I doubt John Lennon was there.

During the same era, Lennon and Ono released a record album that included a song, “Give Peace a Chance.” It became the unofficial anthem for antiwar protesters around the world. And why not? The song expressed nothing but peaceful intentions, right?

But not all Lennon’s songs did. Many people during those years also heard him seem to urge unrest in a song called “Revolution.”

Boing. The anti-commie-mayhem tract, “Revolution”? It dawns on you: Matt Towery is dumber than a bag of gas. You are correct, Madame. And in a civilized society one keeps one’s ‘Boings’ to herself.

There would never have been a case of “the liberal media vs. John Lennon” over his hot criticism of a war and the violent protests it helped spawn. It seems “heightened rhetoric” has no correlation to random violence when the shoe fits the left. But when it can be pinned on the right, there is a direct causal link.

And a right-wing war? That’s not “random violence,” it’s targeted. Well okay then. And it’s the war protesters who are slapdash and, therefore, yuck. Will Miss Manners go underground if we tell her that’s where all the truffles are? The discourse sharpens, the wingnuts ripen.