Candidate Donald Trump mocks stupid Barack Obama, contrasts his own brilliance

I really feel sorry for the guy, Donald Trump. I do.

To be so much better than everybody else for so long, and yet have to sit there so quietly in his private life, never hinting at his own public potential? Heavens. He should have been President of the United States long ago. But until today, none of us appreciated the fact.

Thank god Don shook off his reticence:

. . and who the hell is Barack Obama? Illinois Senator for 8 years? Author of two national best sellers? Addressor to the nation at the Democratic National Convention? U.S. Senator for Illinois? U.S. President? Nobel laureate? Nobody.

Donald Trump — now that guy, he does business. That’s actual stuff. He stole-won all sorts of things: deals, and contracts and negotiations. Trump is somebody.

Why not make this right? We should swap ’em. No one for someone. Nobodies just return to being nobodies. And the winners take all, fair enough.

“I’ll be taking your votes now. Thanks for dropping by.”

That sounds right. ‘Night, drive safely.