He lies because his readers are as stupid as Alan Caruba

They are just . . SUCKERS. Like our writer and foil, Alan Caruba. And doesn’t he know it well? It’s easy pickings for the likes of him when your readers are all Black Cloud Christians.

What are those? They’re the faithful that believe everything is going to hell, literally, because that’s the Gospel.

Everything’s awful because of them. Men, they’re bad. People, horrible. Regular old non-Christians, MUCH worse. It’s all awful because, well, it better be if the whole Jesus thing’s gonna play out while I’m around.

Stumbled upon this bit of X-tian immigrant persecution, courtesy of Alan and the right-wing evangelical site RenewAmerica.com. If the immigrants aren’t taking over everything to turn America into an island of lazy, hip-shaking limbo sheep, then why is Alan even alive?

Multicultural suicide
By Alan Caruba | Renew America | Feb 14, 2011

In his famed poem, Mending Wall, the American poet, Robert Frost chided the rock wall that he and his neighbor blah blah blah . .

Right in the middle of his white-boy mewling, Caruba dumps this load of shit:

In 2008 Los Angeles County, population 10.2 million, was where 42% of workers were paid cash and did not pay taxes; 90% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles were for illegal aliens; more than two-thirds of all births were to illegal aliens; nearly 40% of all inmates in California were Mexican nationals who were there illegally; and, nationally, while less than 2% of illegal aliens were picking crops, 37% were on welfare.

What a dumb old turd. Snopes hit this in May of 2006. That’s how pathetic and crotchety Caruba is. He’s been gratefully duped by e-mail artifacts from the Rumsfeld/Bush era, and now he’s dumping them on his gullible, angry readers.

“. . more than two-thirds of all births were to illegal aliens . .”

NO. Around 60% of L.A.’s babies are born to HISPANICS. Alan is apparently the sort of racist asshole that despises to see the difference.

“. . 90% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles were for illegal aliens . .”

NO. 90% of OUTSTANDING murder warrants are for aliens. When the suspect lives in the area, he’s easy to arrest, duh. I imagine the high school truancy rate for itinerant students is pretty high as well.

Never, ever, trust the likes of an old stupid, racist Alan Caruba.