Why wrestle with reality? Call it conservatism, then call it a day.

When the world grows too newfangled for A Gentleman to endure, when it spins too quickly and his eyes cross and knees grow weak, what is one to do? How does one cope with such madness?

Well, you can always wrap yourself in the Philosophy of Conservatism. Like a woolen blanket for your poor, cold, tired brain, Conservatism will keep you safe and warm, won’t it?

No, it won’t. But at least you can continue to ignore reality, which is good enough. Hell, that’s a Philosophy of Conservatism itself.

If You Don’t hurt her you’re disrespecting her, Or Are you?
Abraham Schwartz | American Thinker | February 20, 2011

. . Sixteen- year old Joel Northrup boasted a 35-4 record, and was ranked fifth in the state when he was told who his next opponent would be. In order to advance his dreams of winning the Iowa state title Joel would have to beat Cassy Herkelman, a fourteen year old girl.

. . Stating that “wrestling is a combat sport (that) can get violent at times”, Northrup came to the conclusion that “As a matter of conscience and my faith I do not believe that it is appropriate for a boy to engage a girl in this manner.” Sounds like a well-mannered kid, the type of guy you’d want to date your daughter, right?

You’d want her to date his parents? They, conservative homeschoolers, are more likely to have cobbled together that statement they released to reporters after everybody wondered why Joel walked out of the big wrestling tournament. And niCe cAPitAliZation ScHem thERre Abe, blog much?

Joel’s father is a youth pastor at Believers In Faith Church, a non-denominational church in Marion, as well as a volunteer chaplain with the United States Army.

“Joel made the decision that he felt was the right decision,” Jamie Northrup continued. “And it aligned with his beliefs and his values and conscience.”

Joel? Hulloo? I would have been interested in what the kid really had to say, but they won’t let him speak for himself. Oh well. Maybe having some liberal jerk ask him “Doesn’t quitting suck?” is a bit risky. After all, he’s such a big deal now. ‘He’ being his father, of course, because teenagers are not known to brag about losing. Or about praise from the likes of the American Thinker:

If it is morally correct to advocate the beating of woman in a monitored setting, what makes one think that the feelings incurred during that “event” will wither away and die.

Why are we “beating of woman”? Since when do questions run away from question marks? Is everybody getting homeschooled nowadays? Is that what the American Thinker has become, a companion periodical for the inboard/outboard/pressboard/blackboard bunch?

What could make a person so sure that they won’t carry over into real life, into relationships and friendships? Once a barrier is broken it is broken forever. An individual cannot pick and choose what human emotions will come out of such an occurrence.

Oops. Issues, as liberals are prone to say. And Q.E.D., I suppose. Sure, because there’s always this nightmare:

“Well, son, perhaps it would be okay. Because The Liberals say so.”

“Okay Dad. If they say so.”


“Wait, DAD?”

“What is it son?”

“I Feel FUNNY.”


“AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHH!” *pulls head off opponent*

“My God!”


“He’s on a rampage!”

“Now he’s got a hold of Mrs. Jacobsen!”

“Mother Mary!”

“Her too!”



“It’s taken hold!”

It occurs to me. And it bugs me. Something’s missing from all this high-mindedness. Or someone, perhaps.

This sentiment projected by [Sports Illustrated’s Rick] Reilly is an indicator of how distorted the argument over gender equality has become. Since when is hitting a girl deemed ok, when did the forum of wrestling pardon such an act?

. . when Cassy said it was okay. Remember her, the all-important member-subject of all this philosophizing? She’s got 20 wins. Reality calling, hulloo.