Drunk, flaming and offering to blow the police guards is no way to go through life, Father . .

Meet Father Ignatius Kury. He’s not the manliest prisoner on the planet. “I’ll give you the Sermon on the Mount. Your Sermon on the Mount is this: get these fucking cuffs off of me because I’m getting a RASH . .”

Video captures bizarre jailhouse rant of alleged drunk driving priest
By David Edwards | 03.3.11

Police say that Father Ignatius Kury of Holy Ghost Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Church was drunk when he crashed his car [in] Brimfield Township, Ohio.

Note to priests. This is a lame prison threat: “Oprah Winfrey’s gonna have her vag down here, and YOU are gonna have your ass against the wall.”

The priest was so unhinged that officers decided to record him in his cell offering them oral sex and promising that Oprah Winfrey would rescue him. At one point, Kury even offered a rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

“I want you to see me America…I want you to love me.”