Crap-throwing Conservatives mock a teacher’s death

DISGUSTING… WI Progressives Blame Scott Walker For Teacher’s Suicide
Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, March 19, 2011, 1:35 PM

These People Are Disgusting…

The far left is using a woman’s suicide to attack Governor Scott Walker.

. . or we could be reporting on the suicide of a stressed out teacher. But let’s not make this all about a poor, dead woman. Let’s remain focused on you, and how furious you are.

The Progressive, a liberal website in Wisconsin, reported this week that a Wisconsin teacher committed suicide because of Governor Scott Walker’s union bill. The website says she was “distraught” to learn that she was going to have to pay 12.6% instead of 6% of her insurance premium cost?

Really?… Really?

Jim Hoft calls himself Gateway Pundit.

He’s not much more than an ape pounding a keyboard. So, in right-wing circles, Jim is insightful and heroic. He delights in pulling the wings off the truth, as the folks who pick flies from their teeth are wont to do. Here was what got him so angry:

Wisconsin Teacher in Apparent Suicide, “Distraught” Over Walker’s Cuts
Matthew Rothschild, March 17, 2011 | The Progressive

Jeri-Lynn Betts, an early childhood teacher in the Watertown, Wisconsin, school district, died on March 8 of an apparent suicide.

A colleague says she was “very distraught” over Gov. Scott Walker’s attacks on public sector workers and public education . .

“She was an amazing person,” says the Rev. Terry Larson of the Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church in Watertown, where she was a member. “She really put her heart and soul in her work,” adds Larson, who officiated at her memorial service on March 15.

Never once does this ‘The Progressive’ article claim Betts died “because of Governor Scott Walker’s union bill.” Nor does it say she died because she was too cheap to “pay 12.6% instead of 6% of her insurance premium cost . . Really?” Really.

Figuring out all the contributing factors behind a likely suicide is a complicated problem. Such deaths are in some ways incomprehensible—and always tragic . .

“Susan advised me that Geri had a long history of depression,” Officer Jeffrey Meloy wrote in his report. “Susan stated that the last several weeks had been ‘stressing her out’ due to the protests and the introduction of the budget repair bill and the uncertainty involved in the teaching world, as far as who was going to have jobs and what services were going to be cut. . . . Susan stated that Jeri truly loved her job and was about the most outgoing and bubbly person you could ever want to be around. Susan stated that everybody had noticed, however, the last few weeks since the introduction of the budget repair bill that Jeri was having a lot of difficulty.”

Jeri wasn’t the only teacher struggling under the pressure. Governor Walker’s attack on them and other unionized workers stressed out thousands of people. You can imagine what it’s like to have a powerful national politician, in an effort to strip you of your professional rights, stoke seeming millions into calling you useless, pushy, violent, grasping and lazy.

“Wisconsin Teachers are Damn Greedy,” snarled Conservative Blogs Central. “Political muscle-flexing by a well-funded special interest group,” scoffed Timothy Carney of the Washington Examiner. “Wisconsin Hatemongers Control the Children,” roared Nevada News and Views. “Teachers in Wisconsin are demonstrating… that their greed knows no bounds,” quipped The Conservative Libertine.

An intelligent, sensitive, life-long professional like Jeri, dedicated to teaching, was guaranteed to be pained over such scorn. So it’s too good an opportunity for Jim to pass up, surely, as the post green-lighted Gateway readers to mock her:

March 19, 2011 at 2:10 pm
Bill Mitchell commented:

She was stepping over a dollar to pick up and died.

No sympathy. She deserves a Darwin Award.

March 20, 2011 at 8:23 am
Jim commented:

Maybe the rest of the lefty, commie rats should follow her example!

March 19, 2011 at 1:40 pm
Rachelle commented:

It IS one way to save on health costs.

March 19, 2011 at 3:13 pm
Robert commented:

So, lets assume this is true, then the question becomes how do we get more of these union thug parasites to follow her excellent example?

March 19, 2011 at 3:51 pm
Mo commented:

This woman was teaching kids???If she was so unbalanced that she took her life because she was going to have to pay an extra 6% of her healthcare costs(while most of us pay 100%) I think she did the students of Wisconsin a favor!!!

March 19, 2011 at 8:44 pm
lora commented:

One less unstable teacher around those kids.

March 19, 2011 at 4:57 pm
Arch commented:

If any union member wants to end it all over having to pay for a portion of their fringe benefits, I’ll load the rounds and (assuming they are good enough to hit their own heads) guarantee they won’t need rehab. I suggest a Hornady XTP (extreme terminal performance) loaded to 370 foot-pounds of muzzle energy. In fact, all you union guys don’t have a hair on your a$$ if you don’t kill yourselves over this issue.


13 thoughts Crap-throwing Conservatives mock a teacher’s death

  1. avatar Picaroon says:

    ……And you call yourselves the party of Christian Values!!

  2. avatar Ninure says:

    Reading those comments literally made me ill.

    It is hard for me to refrain from saying something equally nasty, or wishing them ill.

    But I do try to be what they claim to be and obviously don’t know how to be, human, christian, and American.

  3. avatar Marcus says:

    These people, when the time comes for them to face the Truth, will have to eat their foul, putrid, excremental words. Shame on them!

  4. avatar Robert K says:

    And what else did they do today that makes people want to be a Christian?

  5. avatar talulabadula says:

    Yah Jesus!

  6. avatar Jim Smith says:

    So, despite the fact that unions of this type have been around seemingly forever, and NOBODY had a problem with them before (except Republicans), NOW teachers unions are the anti-Christ all of a sudden. And these people can’t SEE they are being manipulated??

    This is just another example of weak-minded people being led by the nose by corrupt and amoral politicians. They toss out a few strawmen to vilify and get the true believers to focus their hate on ANYBODY other than the people truly responsible for the majority of our problems, namely those same politicians tapping into this mob mentality.
    It’s all the same crap they have been playing for decades. “I look good when I can make somebody ELSE look bad.”

    These people are easily led by unscrupulous politicians. The thing is, you can’t fault sheep for wanting to be herded, and we will obviously never run short of soft-headed people asking other people to think for them.

  7. avatar goatboyslim says:

    After watching the Mid-East protests, what struck me was not how many people were willing to risk their safety to protest, but rather, how many people actually support the regimes. That’s when I realized there is little hope for this country longterm. If you can actually believe that Ghadaffi has your best interests at heart, how much easier is it to convince someone that Scott Walker is a hero standing up to the evil unions?

  8. avatar Consuelo Hannan says:

    have you ever noticed that the repugs are always using slurs when they describe some thing they don’t like. they use foul language and many racial slurs. I guess that makes them feel better than anyone else. These are the people that show the dark side of American life. There is nothing religious when you want to take peoples rights away from them. “Judge not lest thee be judge”or “If there not be a sinner amongst you cast the first stone”. Not exact wording but close enough. So what part of Christianity do you follow? What New Testament do you use?

  9. avatar BO says:

    Reslugs don’t have an ounce of Christian values or family either. It’s laughable since they are adulterers and uncaring A-Holes. We can absolutely do without ignorant, uneducated Reslug-Teabaggers too.

  10. avatar edwords says:

    You think the Pee Party hates unions.gays,and “libs”?

    Atheists REALLY tick them off.

  11. avatar Freddyc says:

    In reading the above it just strikes me that one cannot hate another unless it is a reflection of some ideal or belief they hold about themselves. In other words one cannot hate another unless they hate themselves. Land of the “Free and Brave” Fail

  12. avatar Clevelandchick says:

    As Maya Angelou said ‘When people show you who they are, believe them’.

    Conservatives illustrate the unending depth of their sociopathy all the time, right out in front of our faces every day. It’s so off the charts bad that most people don’t believe it’s real. They say Anne Coulter is “just kidding”, Rush Limbaugh is “just an entertainer with bad taste”….no….what they say is NOT simply polemics for entertainment value. They really believe their own crap and so do the mouth breathers who idolize them.

    This jerk INTENTIONALLY misrepresented and mocked a depressed teacher who committed suicide to make political hay for himself. It was no accident, it was no ‘Oops, I didn’t read the whole story’.

    For the country’s sake, we all have to face one thing: There aren’t any Eisenhower/Roosevelt/Lincoln Republicans left folks…not one…they’re all McCarthy-ites and Birchers…or worse.

    This incident represents who Republicans and Conservatives are, it’s time we start believing them.

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