South Carolina’s new firearm legislation to legalize guns in church and draw happy tourists

Everybody in South Carolina has a gun, that’s what they say. And now, with the perhaps passage of this new concealed firearm legislation, they can carry it around pretty much anywhere they like. To your corner deli, your kids’ nursery school . .

S.C. bill would loosen gun rules even more
By GINA SMITH – Mar 30, 2111

Legislation weaving its way through the House of Representatives would increase the number of places that legal gun owners can carry their guns to include restaurants, day-care centers and churches.

“It puts criminals on the defense,” said state Rep. Thad Viers, R-Horry, a co-sponsor of the bill and the owner of about 25 firearms and a concealed weapons permit. “Criminals don’t know if you’re carrying or not.”

Yep, and it’s time to change that. Actually, in South Carolina, where everybody owns a couple of handguns, no one ever carries one around. Never. That’s the reason Palmetto state criminals do what they do — they’re sure nobody’s got a Glock in their pocket.

Taking that tragic fact into account, you can understand why the heroic anti-crime bunch would draft such a law. And also oppose an amended version of the bill that might prevent carrying a Colt .45 into all sorts of dangerous places:

Under the amended bill, it would continue to be illegal for gun owners to carry their weapons into courthouses, police stations, schools, prisons, polling sites and any place that posts a sign prohibiting concealed weapons.

You never know when the Chief of Police will get shot at his desk. It’s time to stop discriminating against the hapless shotgun-and-body-armor crowd and time to protect all of South Carolina’s citizens . .

“While the (amended) bill might make it better for people in South Carolina, it’s going to be a lot worse for others, including those visiting us,” said Ed Kelleher, president of GrassRoots South Carolina. “We depend on tourism here, and this has chilling effect on that.”

. . as well as 6.775 billion other poor, defenseless people.