Brooklyn Jews photoshop women out of the White House

It’s good when dudes kill a terrorist. But it’s a bummer to have women in power. And you certainly don’t want them on the front page of your Jewish Orthodox newspaper:

Der Tzitung, out of Brooklyn.

Where the hell did Audrey Tomason go?


11 thoughts Brooklyn Jews photoshop women out of the White House

  1. avatar nycgrlupstate says:

    Sheesh. Every day there’s a new reason to join One Million Pissed Off Women.

  2. avatar nycgrlupstate says:

    Maybe a few years ago they would have taken out the “schvartze” too.

  3. avatar Susan says:

    The newspaper has now published an apology, claiming the person who edited the photo hadn’t seen the instructions from the gov stating the photo was not to be altered in any way; and that they were just ‘following their free speech and religious freedom rights’ in not printing pictures of women. Do they not understand the huge difference between ‘not publishing pictures of women’ and ‘removing women from pictures, thereby denying the truth of an event, and then publishing them without explaining what they did and why?’ (Unless they did run an expository statement: did they?)

  4. avatar Charlie says:

    Ironic that one of Americas most ardent supporters of the Jewish theft of Palestinian lands and the persecution of the Palestinian people is held in total contempt by the people she supports.

  5. avatar CDogg says:

    half-witted thought processes

    could this be the israeli mistake
    to cut in half the world to make
    it safer for god-blind’d man
    to resist what is the other hand
    of fullness they don’t understand
    and call that crippled a whole man
    to part out that which brought them life
    ashamed of lusts, afraid of strife
    to denigrate in blatant lies
    to hide behind their hair-pot pies
    to blame for willful violence
    that loving motion in forced absence
    attributing it all to iron fences
    erect’d by their fear of menses


  6. avatar Ok says:

    Well at least the Jews, unlike the muslims do not stone their women to death !

  7. avatar Randy Macon says:

    Remind me again of all the good things religious extremists bring to the world, but hurry, the entire place is going to disappear on the 21st, according to Harold Camping, another religious freak.

  8. avatar edwords says:

    Religion has been, and is now, the scourge of mankind

    It’s time to join the secularist movement!

  9. avatar nycgrlupstate says:

    It’s not any particular religion, it’s the fundies in all of them. Each of the world’s three “great” religions is sexist but it’s the fanatics who take it to the extreme and try to inflict it on everybody else.

  10. avatar toma says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the ‘fundamentalists’ were actually fundamentalists? If they merely took a religion back to its roots, meaning a simpler time? They always, instead, take it to some aggressive edge. To some far-out place that no modern, sane, person would find comfortable. It’s an extremist problem, not a fundamentalist one.

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