New Obama Navy SEAL action figure comes fully equipped with Republican fear and yearning

Obama SEAL doll marks bin Laden killing
. . action figure features muscular president with assault rifle . .
By LeAnne Gendreau |

Navy SEALs have become national heroes since news broke that they took down Osama bin Laden, so it’s fitting that the newest action figure from a Connecticut company is a fierce-looking President Barack Obama as a SEAL.

The minute Obama said late on the night of May 1 that the U.S. had found and killed bin Laden, Emil Vicale knew which his action figure company’s would make next — Rambama.

Here he comes, straight off the Hero Builders factory floor:

Hmm, he’s certainly good looking and plenty buff. And though he spends most his time spilling terrorists’ brains, he’s still in a good mood. I can’t but like the guy.

But, oh, this will be a problem. Conservatives take the reality of fantasy more seriously than they take reality, so this blob of plastic will mount a threat (and pppllllleeeennnnty of aaaassssss in their dreams).

“But the dang thing is for children,” you say? The wingnuts are nothing but children: spiteful little ‘traditionalists’ spoiling in a pre-adult state. So, traitors, just stack the new Black G.I. Joe-Bamas right next to Miley Cyrus’ Joys of Fisting at the Toys ‘R’ Us.

Btw, I promise you: I haven’t begun to bounce around the right-wing blogosphere. I write this lead-in knowing full well they’ll be anxious to take the president down a thousand notches before this plastic Baal obliterates whatever future they might have had.

. . aaaaannnd, yep. JOSHUAPUNDIT:

I’m sure most of the on-air lineup at MSNBC have already placed rush orders.

Never mind – it’s curiously appropriate somehow that what we have here is a phony stuffed plastic dummy playing dress up with a toy gun and a ‘Punisher’ tee.

A real stuffed plastic dummy would be fine, or a legitimately hollow plastic dummy, or a phony stuffed plastic genius. But this thing — it’s too much! And you outfitted it with a toy gun? You, sir, act like my children were prone to stupidity, or violent death. Sister Toldjah:

Nothing about this doll fits the man who inspired it (make sure to take a look at the picture at the link above). For one thing, as we all know President Obama doesn’t have a particular fondness for guns, firearms – or, well, anything you’d use for self-defense outside of pepper spray. True, he did give the authorization to take out OBL – which some in the administration have tried to ridiculously paint as ‘just as courageous’ as the SEAL team that actually did the deed, but the ‘risks’ he took by making that decision did not involve putting his life on the line. So, please, let’s keep things in perspective. Secondly, this doll makes him look like a fierce, devoted war hero of sorts when in reality he’s staunchly anti-war. Thirdly, it shows Obama bulked up – in fatigues. The only thing bulked up about our celebrity President is his massive ego.

Bravo! Get out your bullhorn of truth, Sister, and jam it in the kids’ faces: “HE’S NOT LIKE THAT. NO ONE LIKES HIM. I SAY IT’S TIME YOU GREW UP. EXCUSE ME? OH THAT’S VERY MATURE KYLE.”

Golly-gosh tabbers, helablog:

From the minds of Herobuilders, comes a highly controversial and unpopular Obama Seal Team 6 action figure, aptly named Rambama.

How unpopular you ask? Well it looks like they may be having problems keeping their site online and by the looks of ‘loving’ comments left of the site, things may get ugly.

–“What an insult to true American people and the Navy Seals. I know you’re doing this as a desperate move to conjure business, however, what a disgrace you idiots are!”

“The Seals deserve better than that…I grew up in inner city Chicago…you don’t rise through the political ranks by being a choir boy; in other words, you morons, all politicians are extremely corrupt.”

“You ought to be ashamed of yourself for creating the Navy SEAL action figure depicting the President (which never served in any branch of the US Military) as a Navy SEAL and for trying to profit from it!”

Surprising. Nowadays, kids only stay at home and traffic among right-wing blogs. Occasionally, there’s something to be angry about: I hate your toy.

NOTE: . . the somber JOSHUAPUNDIT blog, “A DIGEST AND COMMENTARY ON THE WAR AGAINST JIHAD,” pulled their Rambama dolly screed.