National Review’s Andrew McCarthy sneers at the Arab world

Aren’t people all alike? You know, like the Eskimos — they’re all alike. Mexican people, all exactly the same. The Blacks, the Jews, whatever. The fucking Arabs, too.

An Ill Season
The Arab spring unleashes Islamists on Egyptian Christians
Andrew C. McCarthy | National Review | May 14, 2011

Screaming “With our blood and soul, we will defend you, Islam,” jihadists stormed . .

. . fucking Arabs. Like dogs. They should stay leashed.

. . burned the nearby homes of two Copt families to the ground, attacked a residential complex, killed a dozen people, and wounded more than 200: just another day in this spontaneous democratic uprising by Muslim hearts yearning for freedom.

Muslim hearts and freedom — that is rich. They just kill people.

In the delusional vocabulary of the “Arab Spring,” this particular episode is known as a sectarian “clash.” That was the Washington Post’s take.

Stupid Washington Post. These fucking Arabs will kill you, you idiots.
Kill you.

The thugs in question were Egyptian Muslims. Were they representative of all Egyptian Muslims? No, but it would be more accurate to portray them as such than to suggest, as the Pollyanna narrative holds, that Egypt (and Tunisia, and Yemen, and Syria, and Lebanon, and Algeria, and …) is teeming with legions of Gamal al-Madisons.

Wisconsin Arabs? Very funny, Andy. They’re sooooo different.

This is the Egypt where the toppling of the pro-American, pro-peace Mubarak regime was celebrated by the rape of CBS correspondent Lara Logan amid the familiar chants of “Allahu Akbar!”

And then they’re fucking raping people. Fucking Arabs.

The same Egypt where, just a few weeks ago, Islamist factions wiped out the proponents of democracy by a whopping 78–22 margin in a referendum on the formation of a new government. The result ensures a Muslim Brotherhood hammerlock on the new parliament, and perhaps even the presidency . .

Who let them vote? God damn. We should stop that bullshit, like right now. As if anything good could ever come of it. “Remember on Tuesday, vote for Prop 21, the jihad proposition. YES ON 21. YES ON JIHAD.” Yeah, we should totally jihad. And then go rape some journalists. Who’d vote ‘NO’? Nobody.

The provocation that stirred Muslims this time, as if there had to be one, involved a rumor that Copts are preventing a Christian woman from converting to Islam — and who wouldn’t grab the blowtorch over that?

Typical. Fucking. Muslims.

That didn’t stop enraged Muslims — rage being the default condition . .

. . you get the picture. If the National Review had a conscience, they’d fire McCarthy yesterday. But then, who’d clean the cat box?