Tea Party for hire: Americans For Prosperity slap eviction notices on doors across Detroit neighborhood

Now that the responsibilities of substantive national power have set in, as political realities pour over teabag babes like midnight in a Soviet orphanage, it’s hard for a rebel to have any fun.

Sarah Palin has a presidential campaign to clusterfuck. Actual Tea Party elected are stuck reading bills, attending meetings, building some consensus (the calisthenics of corruption and tyranny). The clamoring crackers sit at home now, watching Fox. They don’t tumble out of the clockwork buses the way they used to, before the feet of Tom Paine and Jim Madison. The rallies got up and stretched, coughed, looked around and limped away, leaving a note of 2 Say No 4 Ever aftershave.

But their corporate masters remain. Americans for Prosperity will not die or fade soon. That’s how masters get to be just so: after they plan, after they scheme, after they post this crap on their website . .

The heart and soul of AFP and AFP Foundation are our citizen activists. They organize events, write letters to the editor, and petition their lawmakers to uphold freedom and prosperity.

. . they probably hire immigrants to throw out the chintz Chinese American flags, pack up the Constitution backdrop and drive the show somewhere else.

Well, you will just love where the AFP have landed now — nowhere near Capitol Hill, or the Washington Monument, or anything named ‘Liberty’ or ‘Freedom.’ They’re evicting working class folks out of a neighborhood in Detroit. Actually, that’s a lie: they’re pasting EVICTION NOTICES on doors all across the Detroit neighborhood of Delray.

What a cadre of back-stabbers the Tea Party turned out to be. Though so many people from Delray, a part of town struggling to survive multiple foreclosures, were sent into temporary shock seeing the yellow declarations on their front doors, the AFP now lets on that everything’s okay. Don’t sweat the notices. Those aren’t letters of intent from the government or the sheriff, they’re just political flyers meant to jolt people into opposing a plan for a new bridge across the Detroit River.

The eviction barrage develops this way: the closest bridge to Delray providing a trans-river Canadian entry point is the Ambassador Bridge. But the Ambassador isn’t owned by the government or the people, it’s owned by businessman Matty Moroun. So the new bridge construction has become the target in Moroun’s business war, and his multi-million dollar interests are being served by AFP’s shock-and-awe campaign. The new “government” bridge (that’s what Moroun’s friends snidely call it) would cut into his business, so he’s trotted out the AFP Tea Party syndicate to do his dirty work.

Delray folks are not amused. Not only do they feel pushed around by the psychological pranksters, many of them know a good thing when they hear about it. The Detroit economy is so pathetic that they’re desperate for anything to improve it: a second tie with America’s largest trading partner would help. And they’re aware nobody can just take their homes. If the new bridge requires the demolition of neighborhood houses, owners will get paid for their properties at a price certainly better than they could get now or in any near future.

And many of them are no fans the tycoon Moroun:

And it’s sickening that Americans for Prosperity would have the nerve to pull this kind of tactic in Delray, part of the Southwest Detroit community that Moroun has treated as an industrial wasteland.

The raggedy properties he owns and refuses to maintain in that neighborhood are the foundation for much of the blight that has made Delray such a mess for years, and robbed residents of a decent quality of life. Now his surrogates have the nerve to scare residents about someone “taking” their homes?

So these are the grassroots politics of America’s Tea Party citizen activists. For a few bucks, they scare Detroit’s working poor into the pockets of the scheming rich. Bravo, patriots.


2 thoughts Tea Party for hire: Americans For Prosperity slap eviction notices on doors across Detroit neighborhood

  1. avatar nycgrlupstate says:

    In a time when there is little to depend on you can always depend on teabaggers to be disgusting swine.

  2. avatar toma says:

    For a buck, they might strangle you with the Gadsden flag. Hooray!

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