Conservatives and Comedy Autism, June 2011 edition

Why aren’t Conservatives funny? Why don’t they ‘get’ comedy? Why are their attempts at it so bizarre? Comedy Autism. It’s the dread disease that afflicts those who support Sarah Palin, think Barack Obama was born in Nairobi, or swear George W. Bush is smart. It’s a serious problem but it causes them no pain. And it fascinates us.

So here we go with our latest review of examples of Comedy Autism. We look at the political cartoons of right-wing professionals and we scratch our heads: Why the spastic likening, the mixed metaphor, the backfiring irony? Why can’t you guys draw Barack Obama? It is a deep mystery.

As usual, we start with Eric Allie.

There the park-goer sits, looking at Weinergate online. And there Anthony Weiner is, in front of her, also. And there’s a guy with a notepad, ostensibly playing the part of the media, watching it all. Ummm…why? Because autism is mysterious, friends. Nice gigantic Jew-nose incidentally. Moving along . .

Here, Allie pokes great fun at Obama’s controversial immigration legislation. Do you, by any chance, know what it is? No. Because it doesn’t exist. But Latinos would hate it I’m betting. Speaking of burning issues . .

. . there’s this. Look at what the National Labor Relations Board just did. And there’s that other thing. Totally. Good job re-purposing a terrible tragedy that killed hundreds of people, btw.

Brian Farrington:

There are no alternatives to waterboarding. Which is probably why we lost World War II.

Ok, switch to Ken Catalino. This guy’s so bad I did an entire edition on him.

Statue of Liberty. We put that 15-foot masterpiece in, uh, downtown Cleveland I think.

Can’t spell.

Still can’t spell.

Henry Payne:

They don’t actually read the news, so they don’t know anything. Arnold fathered the child in the middle of the marriage. Probably in the middle of the living room.

Pitchers do not bean catchers. They bean batters. And oh the many unfortunate interpretations. Really, utterly clueless.

Gary McCoy.

A frequent tactic. Just be nasty to the people you hate. Nyah nyah.

Here’s a new guy, Larry Wright. Mysterious:

No idea, really.

Again, I’m stuck. Try this one:

What is this? Impenetrable.

Okay, the best stuff for last. The autistics were especially fascinated with, and thoroughly confused by, the killing of Osama Bin Laden. It was a triumph (albeit long-delayed) that they couldn’t ignore. But what to say about it? How do you turn it back on Obama? They never did figure that out.

Comedy’s pretty good when it opens new perspectives, makes connections. And when it’s bad, it’s the lobbying of a rigid personality. This is the latter. It’s just propaganda. Switch ‘Bush’ and “Obama’ and it inspires the same yawn. It’s also the best of the bunch . .

Why does Obama think he’s responsible for the death of Bin Laden? Because he’s a stupid child. I’m sensing some irony here Mister Adult Cartoonist. Now this one:

Killing Bin Laden was just dumb. Yeah, whatever dude.

I’d love to ask Gary McCoy what real leadership would have been. Not killing the guy? Killing him in 2010? But, of course, Gary would have cranked out the same crappy cartoon then as well.

Great stuff. Was he commander of a mass-murdering terrorist group? 21st century’s Adolf Hitler? Earth’s most wanted criminal? In the end no one really cares – but the stock market’s cool.

And finally:

Amazing. You know what ‘Justice’ is? President Bush’s epic failure. An idiot standing atop skyscraper ruins and atomized corpses. But, hey, at least he was only promising to kill the bad guys. Actually killing the bad guys, why that’s just selfish. The conservative mind, ladies and gentleman…

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