Some Bad Cops

Some cops are better than others. These are worse.

In Miami, on Memorial Day, Raymond Herisse allegedly struck an officer with his car and narrowly missed up to four others. When they finally located and detained him, it was 4 a.m.. 12 officers fired 100 rounds into his car, killing him.

Bystanders report that, after the shooting, some officers intimidated and harassed them, even destroyed their cell phone recordings of the event.

But one citizen’s recording survived:

We have that eye witness and his girlfriend who was with him at the time. They’re at our Miami bureau. CNN has purchased the video from Narces Benoit and his girlfriend, Ericka Davis.

Narces, can you tell us what the Miami Beach police said and did to you when they first approached you?

NARCES BENOIT, SHOOTING WITNESS: “It was like, get the “f” away from you. Get back to your car. That’s what I did. I walked back with my hands up. I turned around. Officer had a gun to her head.”

Benoit says the police got him out of the car at gun point, handcuffed him, made him lie face down on the ground, grabbed his cell phone, threw it on the ground and stomped on it then placed it in his back pocket.

Narces saved the sim card by putting it in his mouth. Here’s his video:

Several bystanders were wounded in the shooting.

Thirty-year-old Cedrick Perkins, an engaged father of two, came to Miami Beach over Memorial Day Weekend to have a good time. He left with a bullet lodged in chest courtesy of the police. Perkins was one of four innocent bystanders who was hit by a bullet during an incident in which eight Miami Beach and four Hialeah police officers unloaded more than 100 bullets into the car of now-deceased Raymond Herisse. He tells The Miami Herald he now plans to sue.

Next: This Niagara Frontier Transit Authority cop doesn’t like being recorded, so he tells the citizen, “I’m gonna fucking break your face.”

He didn’t mean it as a police officer, so it’s jinks, no backsies. What a terrific guy.