School principal hypnotizes your kids, they die

This is a bizarre story. Maybe a tragedy. Hypnotism is hardly a reputable practice, and hypnotists are frequently crackpots.

George Kenney, Hypnotizing Principal, Allegedly Lied About Putting Students In Trance
HuffPo | 06/30/11

When Wesley McKinley went to his principal George Kenney for help in becoming more focused and outgoing in school, Kenney performed the solution he typically called upon to help students: hypnosis.

But something different happened this time.

Mckinley, 16, committed suicide the next day. The student from North Port High School in Florida’s Sarasota Schools District was found dead in a vacant home near his own on April 8, the Sarasota Herald Tribune reports.

And you thought the boy’s gym teacher was crazy for suggesting wrestling would help his grades. George Kenney runs an Amazon business selling hypnosis CDs and MP3s. When he’s not acting as school principal, or mailing “Maximize Basketball Free-throws with Hypnosis” from home, he’s hypnotizing the volleyball team? This is bizarre.

The hypnosis became public after a student committed suicide one day after a hypnosis session with Kenney.

While no one is linking the death and the hypnosis, the report shows another student who also committed suicide this year and a student who died in a car accident also had sessions with Dr. Kenney.

Originally, Dr. Kenney told his supervisor he did not hypnotize one of the students, but later admitted he lied.

He told investigators he lied because he felt it would be misconstrued by the media.

Principals shouldn’t put themselves in positions that could “be misconstrued by the media.” Frankly, I don’t want teachers interacting with kids in any way that anyone could misconstrue. I don’t want teachers getting inside kids’ heads in any way other than the usual assholery.

The most damning thing about this story: George himself. Check him out in the introduction to one of his DVDs:

Oh no, folks. Don’t try this while operating machinery it’s too powerful! It’s safe for your children, though. Even worse, at 1:08: “som-NOM-blism”? Sumnombilism? Somnommbalism? The guy’s an ass.