Yodeling Nazis

Switzerland, the land of chubby chocolate makers. Funny mustaches, and tight-lipped bankers. Also Jew-hating bastards:

Swiss party ad features Jewish doll

Ads promoting an independence party in Geneva featured a doll of a man wearing a yarmulke with an arrow in its head and an Israeli flag painted on it, Swiss media reported Friday.

According to Swiss reports, a local anti-Semitic and anti-Israel group, the GNC, is behind the ad. Last week, a Swiss politician called for a ban on products made in Israel.

A GNC member claimed the ad was directed against the Israeli government . .

OH. The GNC didn’t mean to say “Let’s shoot an arrow into the head of a Jewish person.” They really meant to say “Let’s shoot an arrow into the head of the Israeli government.” Well that’s different.

And this doesn’t remind me of anything at all:

And does that say “Concerts, steaks, beers and more”? I imagine you get a free t-shirt at the beer hall entrance, in a fetching shade of brown.

Add: I thought it said something about Switzerland and justice, but no:

“Save Switzerland . . shoot straight!” Thank you, Schwissfuhrer Wilhelm Tell. Or, more apparently, William Burroughs.