Gay daddy whammy double lezzie mommy band-aid freakout

This is a good Friday clip, it’s funny. Right Wing Watch flagged this video pushing wingnut Michael Brown’s homophobia.

There are probably plenty of ways to try to discredit gay marriage: say it’s not traditional, say it embarrasses kids, say it only provides a single role model, whatever. This video is remarkable for a radically different, and surprising, tack. Michael’s argument? Moms or Dads, by themselves, are freaks. Without a gender opposite children get a double dose of the monster, and ewwww.

Women for example are mincing effeminate mutants who rush to stick their fingers in your boo-boo. When you have TWO of them you’re sure to end up mummified by bandages before you can say “I’m okay!” They’ll stick you in an iron lung.

Men, just what do they know about cooking? Nothing! And when one tries to read you a story, the other will rip it out of his hands and . . aww. Too mas macho. Pretty soon they’ll be rutting on the carpet. How to untangle all those sharp antlers?

I don’t know, you figure it out:

Moms. Dads. Idiots.