Russell Pearce, driving force behind S.B. 1070, friend to neo-Nazis, recalled in Arizona

What a lovely thing to wake up to. Arizona’s right-wing extremist nutbag, President of the Senate, architect of the heinous anti-immigration Senate Bill 1070, has been successfully recalled. Arizona’s recall process retains Russell in his seat until he wins or loses re-election or resigns within 5 days. Pearce has indicated he will run.

Maricopa County Elections Director Karen Osborne submitted a 1,200-page certification package to the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office on Friday morning determining that the recall effort has enough valid signatures from registered voters in Mesa’s District 18 to force a special election.

On Friday afternoon, the Secretary of State’s Office officially put the recall on the November ballot.

I’ve covered the ultra-right-winger before.

3 and a half months ago he stated he was not a citizen of the United States but a citizen of Arizona, the sovereign state. In 2006, he e-mailed supporters some literature from the National Alliance, a Nazi group.

He once endorsed for Mesa city council a buddy of his, J.T Ready. What a coupla pals:

J.T. on the weekends:

Pearce is seated in a comfortably Republican district, but his latest asshattery probably broke the proverbial elephant’s back. Pearce took numerous gifts over several years from the BCS’ Fiesta Bowl, the big-money college football game in Glendale, Arizona. Fiesta Bowl officials curried favor with local politicians through gift-giving and campaign contributions, violating both state and federal laws.

The documents show Pearce tops a list of 31 lawmakers who took cushy junkets in which they received free food, travel, hotel stays and football tickets.

Pearce took more than $39,000 in freebies from 2002 to 2009, according the records. His critics say they plan use that in an effort to remove him from office in what appears to be a likely recall election.

Let the best man win. Let the other die in a Mexican brothel.