Lydia St. Leather-Sere’s campaign to fight fetus tartare

Don’t let the liberals tell you it’s alright. Don’t buy the Supreme Court saying some doctor can flip an innocent bun out of his mother’s oven. Jesus didn’t mean for babies to be undercooked.

Just ask Angela Michael, she’ll tell you.

Mother of 13 kids, dedicated pro-life activist, proprietor of a cured meat and smoked jerky distributorship, Angela Michael is running for congress. Her plan: run a fake campaign to dodge FCC rules against airing objectionable material. If she’s ‘running for office,’ the rules on offensive images are less stringent. So she plans to show you TV pictures of raw, mangled fetuses. Something to look forward to.

So, custard lolly anybody? With a Tootsie Roll center?

I bet Angela knows what’s healthy for tots. What’s right for America. What’s best for cube steak: seared on both sides. Pot roast? Check it by pulling the lid occasionally. Allow time for a long catnap by the above ground pool, while the cook ignores the Jesus gifts.

By the way, from the site of Angela’s ministry, this sucks:

But this is worse:


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