Father decapitates his 7 year-old son, Jori Lirette

You’re driving down a Louisiana street, you notice a man struggling with a garbage bag. You see a child’s head lying on the sidewalk.

Louisiana man admits beheading 7-year-old special needs son
David Edwards | Raw Story

Thibodaux Police have charged 30-year-old Jeremiah Wright with first degree murder over the killing of Jori Lirette, his seven-year-old special needs son.

Mother Jesslyn and Jori

Authorities have said that Wright has confessed to killing the wheelchair-confined boy.

“According to police, Wright decapitated Lirette, and dismembered his body over the home’s kitchen sink. Police say a passerby saw Lirette’s head on the sidewalk outside the family’s home Sunday afternoon.. It was near a garbage bag with the child’s dismembered body,” WWLTV reported.

Takes a real big, strong man to kill a boy in a wheelchair.