Ladies: don’t make Brent Bozell think you’re a man

Here’s a crisis, if ever there were one. What would happen to America should someone on TV claim to be one thing but actually be another? What if someone claimed to be straight but were actually gay? What if someone claimed to be Indian but were actually Italian? What if someone claimed to be clever but were actually stupid?

I can hardly imagine the consequences. The television is no place for mere appearances. TV was invented to bear the steely truth about people right into your homes, citizens. Right down to their fricking DNA.

Of course, you knew that. So you won’t be surprised by the reaction of that clever guardian of television, Brent Bozell. He bolted upright from his chair when he heard the Pulitzer committee’s media annex, Dancing With The Stars, will include Chaz Bono in its next season.

How can they do that? Don’t they know who Chaz really is?

Dancing With the Lecturers
Brent Bozell | Sept. 9, 2011 |

. . Once the cute little blond daughter, Chastity, that everyone of a certain age remembers from the old “Sonny and Cher Show” on CBS is now the female-denying Chaz Bono.

ABC didn’t name Bono because “he’s” known as a dancer. They named “him” because he’s well-known as an LGBT activist, with an emphasis on the “T.”

Everything about this stinks, doesn’t it? “He,” as if. When will the media liberals figure this out: TV shows are too important to be messed with? And yet, here they go again. Putting on a woman (or maybe a “it”?) who’s an obvious liar. This is awful.

. . no one should have any doubt that Chaz Bono is going to be instructing America about the need to overcome their “transphobia” — on the show and everywhere else.

I don’t need your bullcrap education. I just wanna watch the stars dance. Okay?

ABC and the rest of the media universe can do all the pretending they want, but that’s not going to make Bono a real male. It’s not a completely inaccurate stereotype for people to say so. Silly, old-fashioned me; I’m stuck on human beings made as males and females.

Right. Other than those folks with Turner’s and Klinefelter’s and undescended testicles and Testis Determining Factor translocations, mutations, or a host of other conditions, syndromes and realities, everybody is male or female. Hulloooo ABC. It cut off its breasts, fer chrissakes.

Despite “his” low voice, and his sideburns and his awful decision to amputate his own breasts, Bono remains a woman.

Thank you. Exactly.