When 9/11 tributes don’t go the Real American way

A quick reminder to Rudy Giuliani and others like him who feel the terrorist attacks of 9/11 are their property: You are absolutely right. Thanks for lending it to us tomorrow for a couple hours, we’ll gas it up before we return it.

A 9/11 memorial planned for Marietta College in Ohio nearly got derailed by a clash between the planner and the college’s “Student Life” committee. Junior Sarah Snow sought to plant 3,000 American flags across the grounds of the school on Sunday to honor the tragedy’s victims. Until the liberal administration elitists interfered.

Seeing as how each flag was meant to represent one of those murdered on that terrible day, and that Marietta College has an international enrollment (wimps), Student Life asked that Sarah plant appropriate non-American flags for the non-American victims. That sort of non-American bullshit was too much for the real thing: American Sarah Snow, the president of the campus’ College Republicans. Jason Mattera at Human Events picked up the story in a post that got hundreds of angry responses.

College Threatens to Nix 9/11 Tribute As Too American
Jason Mattera | 09/09/2011

. . “He [Robert Pastoor] insisted we add the international flags for the reason that it was a ‘global perspective’ school,” Snow told HUMAN EVENTS in explaining Pastoor’s basis for interfering with the College Republicans’ memorial. He continued, she noted, by saying, “Other nationalities were killed in the twin towers as well” and that Marietta must “consider how the Muslim and Chinese students will feel about the [American flag] display.”

Pastoor did not return a call and an e-mail requesting comment.

He’s busy masturbating the Muslim students. After reading the post a couple times, it doesn’t appear to me anyone tried to scotch the memorial. Nonetheless, treason is still treason.

“Instead of embracing the remembrance of the thousands of innocents who were murdered on 9/11, many college administrators—insensitive to the families and friends of those who died on 9/11—are more interested in creating political correctness tests than coming together to honor the victims of the jihadist attacks,” said Ron Robinson, president of Young America’s Foundation . .

Insensitive liberals. Attacking jihadists. Cheese and crackers.

On August 30th, the Director of Student Activities wrote the following to Snow: “… are you planning to include other countries flags? There were more than just Americans that lost their lives on 9/11. I will send you a list of the other countries so that you can add these flags to the presentation.” And in a follow-up email, that same director gave a “list of the countries that will need to have flags as part of the 9/11 remembrance,” which included Australia, Bermuda, Canada, China, El Salvador, Germany, Grenada, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

See? Leftists don’t give a damn about the victims. Or the people who died on 9/11. Commenter David:

True enough, there were foreign nationals of all different religions that were killed that fateful day. But, there was only one attack on a country and it was on American soil. Those American flags need to fly and the students need to tell this Robert Pastoor if doesn’t like it, he can shove it.

You’re not in charge of my Student Life, Bob. I’m planting 3,000 American flags at your stupid college, and that’s that. Cue the orchestra and wind machine. Another:

Isn’t it terrible that you spend your whole life working to save enough money to send your kids to college; and then you run the risk that they wind-up at a disgusting, anti-American viper’s nest like this?

These go on for a while.