Did we disrespect the War in Iraq? Yes, Chauncey.

9/11. Terrorism, destruction. Death. Horrors beyond description.

Also: bad memories. Like the way liberals complained about Iraq. That sucked.

The anniversary of that terrible day has dredged up some lingering wingnut anger at us. Why did we have to go on and on criticizing the War in Iraq? How could we be so self-righteous, so conceited, so blind? Why didn’t we understand terrorism? Or existential threats? How could we be so stupid?

I don’t know. It comes naturally, I suppose. Anyhoo, among those posts, I found a particularly charming one on a site called, um . . I don’t know. And here it goes:

Was Eugene Robinson paying attention?
September 9th, 2011

Eugene Robinson, the Washington Post columnist who won a Pulitzer prize in 2009 for cutting and pasting Obama campaign press releases, today explains why the war against terror is over in his column “Post-9/11 permanent state of war should have ended long ago“ . .

[Eugene lying and lying]

He goes on to trot the old “Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11″ excuse.

Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11. Aaaannnd thhheerrreee iiiitt goooeess . . . Run, boy! Run! Fetch the appeasement!

. . So was Robinson paying attention when George W. Bush declared war against terrorists and said we wouldn’t differentiate between terrorists and the people/nations who supported them?

Saddam had nothing to do with terrorism either. Why didn’t we take these people seriously, again? I can’t remember.

It wasn’t a call to war directed at solely Americans, it was a call to war for the whole world.

Ring. Hello? Dear sole-ly Americans. Yes? Go to war.

Wait. Who is this? George?

Dear sole-ly Americans. Dear sole-less Americans. Dear sole-American community and feetsy peoples of the world: Kill the Muslims. George — is that you?

It was an opportunity for ALL civilized nations to eradicate the vermin who murder innocent people to make a political point. It was a chance for the Spaniards to declare all-out war on the Basques, for Colombia to wipe out . .

WOW. Now we’re getting somewhere. Consider the more than two million Basques of the world, and we’re finally looking at a proper Spanish genocide. The military, I imagine, will have no qualms about swarming Southern France to chase “the vermin.” AKA “the people who live with the sheep.” And since when do militaries have qualms? Pish.

If you’re additionally concerned about the descendants of the famous fishing, stinking Basques, you might call an armada. Half of Chile’s inhabitants are proud net/grenade throwers. And those people are plenty dangerous: they’ll have you out of the water with their fingers in your gills lickety-splish. One minute you’re at home, quietly flaying the cat, the next minute you’re dockside, upside-down with the terrorists. Say ‘cheese.’ I see a lemon enema and a tinfoil suit in your future. That’s a decent Friday night. In Chile. If the intercontinental war crime seems a bit far-fetched for mere Spaniards, put whoever wrote this post in charge of Invasion Santiago. He’ll have a pile of college Republicans crawling the ramparts of Hormel, Inc., before you can say, “The country! Not the food!”

. . to wipe out FARC, for the world to battle against the Tamil Tigers, the Filipino Moros, the Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan. It was a missed opportunity for the United Nations to outlaw terrorism as a political weapon.

Ooooohhhh we have to check. Don’t we? Pardon . .


. . yep:

Measures To Eliminate International Terrorism
Ad Hoc Committee established by General Assembly resolution 51/210 of 17 December 1996

In 1996 the General Assembly, in resolution 51/210 of 17 December, decided to establish an Ad Hoc Committee to elaborate an international convention for the suppression of terrorist bombings and, subsequently, an international convention for the suppression of acts of nuclear terrorism, to supplement related existing international instruments, and thereafter to address means of further developing a comprehensive legal framework of conventions dealing with international terrorism . .

He’s unfamiliar with the U.N. I am shocked, yes, no, I am not shocked.

The left likes to say that Bush squandered the good will we’d earned from the world on 9/11, but it was the world who squandered an opportunity to stand up to the terrorists of the world. An opportunity that may not come around again.

We may never have another September the Eleventh? Wow. Just, hmm. Will my dreams still be in color, or will they all be black and white? Geh, no, I’ll be alright.

So, in reality, Robinson is correct, it’s time for his side to declare victory…for the terrorists. The European hand wringers and American intellectually vacant hippies, the gutless wonders, won it for them. When the next terrorist attack kills scores of Americans they can point with pride at that which they have wrought.

Look! I did it! I killed everybody! Say, Chauncey, why didn’t we take these people seriously, again? I can’t remember, buddy. I’m kidding, I remember, they’re silly.