Bumfuck, Kentucky, fights first amendment for a decade, loses, takes out loan to pay ACLU

There are plenty of people in our fair country who are un-American. Proudly un-American. Virulently un-American. And when their un-Constitutional behavior runs afoul of the courts and the law, they typically get pummeled. There should be penalties, and there are:

Pulaski pays $230,000 in fees in 10 Commandments case
Bill Estep | Kentucky.com

Pulaski County has paid $231,662 to cover its share of costs in a legal battle the county lost over attempts to post copies of the Ten Commandments in the courthouse.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky received the check Friday, according to a news release.

This case goes all the way back to 1999. Administrators and judges posted the 10 Commandments throughout their courthouses but then, rightfully, got sued. At any time, I’m sure Pulaski and McCreary Counties could have ended the legal proceedings and settled for far less. But they pressed on, believing the angry leprechaun in the sky would intervene on their behalf and render a judgment in their favor.

Wrong. You violated the law. You spit on the United States Constitution, you commie Al Qaeda suns-a-bitches. You thought God made government, but you were wrong. You want a Jesus-government? Try the Middle Ages, with its torture and providential Black Plague.

Where is this ‘Kentucky’ anyway, Pakistan?

“It’s very much a hardship,” said Doug Stephens, who was not in office when previous local officials authorized putting up a copy of the Ten Commandments in the courthouse.

Stephens said he and Pulaski County Judge-Executive Barty Bullock plan to send a letter to national religious organizations, such as Focus on the Family and the Trinity Broadcasting Network, in hopes of getting donations to help cover the counties’ loan payments. “Obviously, it’s going to be better if the debt is paid off with donations rather than taxpayer dollars,” Stephens said.

So Kentucky’s courts are supposed to be secular but they’re religious. Their courthouse activists fight it out with the ACLU to affirm their Biblical legitimacy but they lose. When they’re forced to pay for the loss they beg TV preachers Paul Crouch and James Dobson for cash. That’s just perfect.