AOL failionaire Ted Leonsis embarrasses himself with English weblogging

Ted Leonsis, the web billionaire unashamed of running one of the great business and tech embarrassments of all time, America Online, now blogs. This is your “early adapter” in action. For fans of Ted: it’s the internet (check your mailbox).

Ted’s blog is an unassuming site called “Ted’s Take.” It’s probably an invaluable resource. I imagine business people often have difficult questions that only geniuses can answer. For instance: If I destroy a $200 billion empire, can I still pretend I’m a success? Heck, I don’t know. What’s Ted’s Take? How long would it take to piss off 30 million customers? That’s a good question. You might be interested in Ted’s Take.

But Ted doesn’t just pass on the valuable lessons of his business experience. Ted also jumps into the political fray. Ted has opinions. And regarding rich people, Ted has a surprising perspective on raising taxes:

Class Warfare – Yuck!
TED LEONSIS | Monumental Sports & Entertainment
Founder – Chairman – Majority Owner – CEO

Let me get this on the record. My dad was a waiter. My mom was a secretary. Neither attended college . .

Yuck! Workers.

I say this as I read all of the rhetoric about Class Warfare, the rift that is being created between economic middle and lower class and as the President said “those millionaires and billionaires.”

The real rift in philosophy though is do you want the Government to create jobs and stimulate the economy or do you want America’s small business to be the engine of growth?

I’m being faced with a sizable either/or here. If the government begins to create jobs, small businesses freeze. Like Marcus Bachmann masturbating next to Michele after she won’t take her Ambien. A Cristiano Ronaldo wig can be a balky fit on a pinhead.

When it’s one/the other, if it’s apparently all/everything, I guess I’d choose the private sector to be the engine of job vroom. It just seems a shame they can’t both create jobs. That would be some sort of paradise. But if Ted says this is what happens, if he swears he knows about small businesses, I believe him. They don’t get any smaller than AOL.

Economic Success has somehow become the new boogie man; some in the Democratic party are now casting about for enemies and business leaders and anyone who has achieved success in terms of rank or fiscal success is being cast as a bad guy in a black hat.

This is a typical problem for new bloggers: English. You can’t expect Ted to have learned everything yet, can you? Capitalization, commas. Sentences.

This is counter to the American Dream and is really turning off so many people that love American and basically carry our country on their back by paying taxes and by employing people and creating GDP.

Ted Leonsis carries us on his back? With his web service comedy, or his clumsy basketball teams? This I don’t get.

He bought the Washington Wizards, he’ll sell them to somebody else. It sounds like commerce, nothing more. So how is he carrying me on his back? If the original owner were still signing the paychecks, how is my life any different? And the creation where he forged his legend is essentially dead. So, what’s he done for me? What congratulations or thank-yous do I owe him? How does his paying an extra 3% on yearly income come back to damage me? Honestly, the War on Class looks like it’s worth the waging.


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    …hahaha, “Like Marcus Bachmann masturbating next to Michele after she won’t take her Ambien,” toma, yr killing me with the lulz!

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