Tea Party comedian: Rachel Maddow is a man. Not like Anderson Cooper, right?

What’s a Tea Party convention without some laughs? That’d be like one of those urban rap guys who didn’t wear a fag earring. What’s up with that? Don’t you know how feminine you look? Hello?

Steven Crowder, conservative comedian, bowls me over. He slayed the pinheads at Tea Con 2011 too. You may have seen the rib-splintering video of Steven’s stand-up over at Charles Johnson’s place. But I’ve done Charles one better: I cut the 12 minutes of sheer genius down to 2 minutes.

Like this: Have you ever noticed Middle Eastern people trying to be like black-guys? They’re so lame. They sound like this: *IMITATION OF MAN FROM INDIA*.

And people from Spanish Harlem? They’re all “JOO PEEPUL AAAH MEEN TO MY PEEPUL.” They’re exactly like that.

Breitbart grants Crowder a corner of one of his sites to entertain people.

Steven won the much publicized national Stand up Comedy competition on Myspace.

On MySpace? Next stop, the AOL comedy Super Bowl. Meanwhile let’s have Steven do movie reviews:

‘Warrior’ Review: Thrilling Reminder of What it Means To Be a Man
by Steven Crowder

…Not only did I leave the multiplex misty-eyed and exhausted from the film’s emotional gut punch… but more strikingly, for the first time in a very long while, Hollywood made me feel truly proud to be a man.

I see a recurring theme. Something about someone needing to be a man.