They say the Dongo word for “Tea Party” is “derp”

It’s been obvious for a while: right-wingers are murdering the economy. They figure ‘low-information voters’ will become angry with circumstances, blame Obama and vote him out.

It’s a winning strategy. Most voters are stupid, they can’t figure out who’s to blame for a mess. You wait for them to go to school, you stomp their toys, and, when they come home, you point at Mom. Then you move in with the mistress. It’s a venerated tradition among Connecticut tribesmen. But if you’re going to act a treasonous shit, you ought not to warn everybody about it.

really her

The Tea Party Nation would have you know: we are that dumb. With derp und dung, foot-stomper Melissa Brookstone posted a multi-graf screed appended and offended by Hollywood, Socialism, Obamacare and Occupy Wall Street. Her tantrum ended with a call for a Tea Party Nation strike: small businesses must resolve never to hire anyone again . .

I, an American small business owner, part of the class that produces the vast majority of real, wealth producing jobs in this country, hereby resolve that I will not hire a single person until this war against business and my country is stopped.

I hereby declare that my job creation potential is now ceased.

That was gold plated anti-Americanism. But I was blogging elsewhere, nonce, heretofore, it sailed by. Though I did wonder why they didn’t go after the majority of their members. They could have made a bigger impact targeting the real meat of the Tea Party, the White worker:

I, an American employee, part of the group responsible for the GNP of this country, hereby resolve I quit my job. If I am unemployed, I will neither entertain nor accept any employment offers.

I hereby declare that my productivity is now ceased.

That’s a proper America bashing. Between so many employers refusing to employ and workers refusing to work, America might implode. But, then, if Tea Party Nation are mostly slave angst and crocodile hugs, bunny sergeants and boomerang artillery, the thing will tank. Businesses will collapse, teabaggers will starve and die, and the collective I.Q. of a grateful nation will be buoyed.

That much seemed obvious to me. It was obvious to everyone else, apparently, as Melissa went crazy today. The numbers of people who either attacked or mocked her online prodded her to bash out a follow-up post, brimming with broken English, self admiration, ratcheting paranoia and other Tea Party currencies. You pro-America buttholes are terrorists:

It must have touched quite a nerve with the socialist left, because it raised a literal crap storm aimed at me.

I don’t blame Melissa for getting cranky. When the literal crap storm at your knees targets your head? Sucks.

But it could be a “blessing in disguise”. If they don’t manage to encourage some of their “useful idiots” to actually come and kill me, they may actually direct enough attention towards me, for people to see that I published a book earlier this year, based on the fundamental principles that we should own our own lives ( not be owned by “the collective” ) and that all adult human relationships should be consensual, things that the very philosophy of socialism is firmly against.

Any of you guys speak Dongo? That’s my guess for dialect. The claw-scratching on the linoleum, to my ear, is mysterious, but the flailing and hacking indicate fear. Someone tried to shoot her? Axially dreck enough of tension? Semper grok a book flack? This is garbled e-guck. Ever hear that Navy joke about the Dongonese and banana sandwiches? Heh, that’s a good one. Don’t mention it. Do not mention it.

But the behavior of the left during this whole inquisition they started against me a couple of days ago, only further illustrates the psychological techniques of projection that they indulge in, accusing the opposition of the very things they themselves are doing. One guy called me a “nazi ho”, when in fact the American Nazi Party ( as well as the Socialist Party ) endorsed the “Occupy Wall Street” movement this past weekend?

Alright, frankly, that’s gone too far? I have no problem condemning that sort of language? There, Melissa — is that better!

Smearing me as a “terrorist” . . “racist” for disagreeing with Obama (yawn – so old and frankly, boring by now…), and that we’re somehow all idiots because we don’t have Harvard degrees, etc… The spinning, taking out of context, smearing and lying that typifies a movement that is devoid of all reason and apparently seeks only to control and enslave all of humanity, as its grand goal.

No, you’re not the stupid type, Melissa. You’re enthusiastic. You felt our online behavior was childish, coarse and arrogant. You said it “typifies a movement that is devoid of all reason and apparently seeks only to control and enslave all of humanity . .” A simple mistake. Concatenating cascades du sparkle blunder barbecue space-time.