A Campaign of Gentlemen, Mercy Me

You know why the GOP/Tea Party will not win in 2012? They keep picking candidates who are too nice, too moderate. Perry is gone (too accommodating to death-row inmates). Bachmann is toast (coddling homosexuals who haven’t married her).

But what about Cain? He sure looked like he had what they were looking for. Rachel Maddow was not wrong when she said his is not a real campaign but a brilliant piece of political performance art. “Call me Cornbread” was giving the right wing crowd what they craved. He saved the GOP from having to play the race card by agreeing to be the race card and let them play him. And that was even before his recent problems with foolish women who have no sense of humor and think sexual harassment is a real thing.

Somewhere in the whirlwind of, by my count now, 450 pre-primary Republican debates, the real talent got lost. They ought to be running THIS guy:

Some “Joke”: GOPer Calls Nancy Pelosi the C-Word (and More) on Twitter
Lauren Kelley | Alternet | Nov 10 2011

It was bad when Herman Cain called Nancy Pelosi “Princess Nancy” during last night’s GOP debate. But the reaction of former South Carolina Republican Party leader Todd Kincannon was even worse. Via HuffPo’s Amanda Terkel, here’s Kincannon responding to a Twitter user who objected to some of Kincannon’s remarks about Pelosi:


Amazing that they haven’t tapped him yet for 2012, or at least put him in charge of getting out the women’s vote. Maybe they’re still holding out for their ideal candidate. I’m picturing someone with a documented childhood history of setting fires, torturing small animals and wetting the bed.


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