Michele Bachmann wants Iraq War death reparations

From the Serious People Foundation:

Let’s consider both sides, shall we? Seeing as how we invited ourselves in?

We lost 4,000, they lost . .

Let’s just take a middle estimate of 150,000 dead. If they pay us 25 times what we pay them for every death, we owe them more. If a sense of fairness intrudes, we might go the equal compensation route instead. If we pay the same for our soldiers and their women and children? We owe them much, much more.


2 thoughts Michele Bachmann wants Iraq War death reparations

  1. avatar Grung_e_Gene says:

    Since no Iraqi that died was innocent their deaths do not count. Also those Iraqis that may somehow make it into consideration of unjustly killed can be chalked up under the category of “collateral damage” an beautiful euphemism ala “friendly fire”.

    Just another way the Warmongers and chicken hawks can Feel Proud to be ‘Merican! whilst ignoring the blemishes of what war actually means.

    Sort of like how the Republican all champion war, never serve and never ever ever mention the terrible toll on Veterans when they get home.

    The only Veteran a right-winger loves is the dead one, for those are the ones they can trot out in support of their inhuman policies.

  2. avatar toma says:

    Once again, Gene, it’s about the appearance more than the reality. Soldiers look great when they enlist. And they look plenty heroic after they’re dead.

    They’re not so attractive to right-wingers when warriors come home, beat up, missing parts, unable to sleep, unable to find work. It’s even worse when they criticize the very reality that they themselves know best. No good Republican wants to hear that war is hell, that just sucks. Of course, that’s one of the reasons the loons themselves are the last to serve: if they knew, they might not be so war-happy. And that’s intolerable.

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