Texas Mom who sexted boy gets banned from the internet

We tip-toe into the High Court Of Humanity and approach the judge in sidebar, to whisper “Jeez what is wrong with us?”

Texas Mom Banned From Using Internet After ‘Sexting’ 16-Year-Old Boy
By Matthew Bryan Beck | Christian Post | Nov 14 2011

A 38-year-old Texas mom has pleaded guilty Friday of online solicitation of a minor for texting nude photographs of herself to her friend’s 16-year-old son. Lori David was sentenced to five years’ probation.

Investigators said David and the boy’s mother were “jogging buddies,” and that the boy was a high school classmate of David’s son. The boy told investigators that the woman befriended him when she volunteered at the school, and friended him on Facebook.

…According to court documents, David sent the teen two lewd nude photos of herself on Oct. 14, 2010. She was arrested at her home on Nov. 4, 2010, and was later released on bond. Visibly shaken in court Friday, she trembled and cried before the bench.

I am reminded of this:

Elaine: Ugh, I hate people.
Jerry: Yeah, they’re the worst.