If it’s raping children, the liberals did it

The world is all screwed up. Who’s to blame?

Surprise, it’s the liberals. With their university socialism and their political media and their Hollywood cocaine, they hold dangerous sway. And that’s how children get raped in football locker rooms.

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Penn State and the slow death of American self-reliance
Bookworm | Nov 13 2011

. . in Pennsylvania, the law allows employees who witness a crime to go up the chain of command, whereas in Texas (for example) the law requires that every person has the responsibility to report to the authorities cases of suspected child abuse. In other word, the culture is different in the two states, with one allowing people to pass the buck, and the other mandating that people take independent action . .

Whew, thank God for Texas. How did this happen?

It took the 1960s and beyond to change us into a don’t-do culture. The “why” of that change would take a whole post (no, make that a whole book), but one can target lots of wealth, lots of youth, and a media and academic establishment that relentlessly propagandized both the virtues of socialism, while simultaneously denigrating traditional American culture and playing up the dangers of America’s home grown self-reliance ethos.

I remember us playing up the dangers. ‘Don’t do it yourself, you’ll die,’ stuff like that.

. . the end result is that Americans are slowly put surely slipping into the type of passivity that characterizes people living in an excessively bureaucratized, government-heavy society.

Okay. These arguments are a tad fuzzy, but roughly: there are two cultures in America. There is the individualistic, self-reliant pre-1960s culture evident in places like Texas. And there’s the socialistic, pass-the-buck post-1960s culture apparent in places like Pennsylvania. The new culture is spreading and [blank] ergo child raping in the showers. Got it.

Let’s see, King Hippie in Bookworm’s morality tale would be Joe Paterno. Though he became aware of the allegations, Coach Moonflower figured The State would do something about it. Check. And he’s an Italian Brooklynite born between World Wars I and II, double check. Sure enough, he’s your post-Summer of Love liberal.

Just look at his behavior. In 2006, disturbing allegations were leveled against a Penn State rival, linebacker A.J. Nicholson from Florida State. A.J. was suspended before the Orange Bowl after being accused of sexual assault.

How did Coach Paterno talk of the controversy? Did he hold A.J. responsible for his behavior? Did he make no excuses, offer no silly pretenses as to how the assault could have happened?

“There’s some tough — there’s so many people gravitating to these kids. He may not have even known what he was getting into, Nicholson. They knock on the door — somebody may knock on the door. A cute girl knocks on the door. What do you do?”

Dude, you need a manual? *cough* Chakra Joe Earthpromise acted like a liberal. “Women and their horny weirdo stuff. Pssh.” Typical leftist claptrap. “Children, too. Who knows what’s going on in their heads?” No kidding, they’re worse than ladies.

self-reliant to a fault

Yep, Bookworm’s argument is unassailable. As new ways replace the old, the disasters multiply. If Penn State had had a traditional, old school mentality, the whole thing would have been avoided, friends.

Why it wasn’t that long ago that child molestation was always exposed to the light of day, to the shaming of the public and the sanctions of the law. No one questioned you if you admitted your uncle assaulted you in the barn. You never saw moonbat dithering or bureaucratic hand-wringing back then, I can tell you. When Americans were told crimes had been committed, they acted. Credit our independence and self-reliance.

But nowadays, nobody lifts a finger to help you after you’re molested. Such is modern life, we’re left to live in shame with our secrets. It’s even more tragic when you notice the explosion in reports of child molestation. I’m not sure how that happened. Of course, in the old days, children were never raped because that was pre-hippie American morality for you.

Incidentally, did you see? If anyone’s mysterious nature is on display, it’s the rapist’s. If there’s a self-reliant American in the cast, it’s Jerry Sandusky. He didn’t just rise to become defense coordinator of a pre-eminent football program, he bootstrapped that gig into creating a charity to select and groom targets. A clever man, Jerry orchestrated the whole thing to go on under cover of Penn State’s avant garde exercise improvisation.

Marvel at the ingenuity: taking the process of trolling local communities for vulnerable kids and reversing it. Getting children to come to him. They thought they knew and trusted him even before they met him.

And, wow, what a labor saver that was. Upon the offers of unearned trust, the crimes were already half-committed. Say, just how did Jerry manage to do that? Secure a sacred thing he hadn’t earned? By mastering the game of football, the sports metaphor for bedrock American ideals. Hooray!

So, please, let’s not pooh-pooh Sandusky’s energy, innovation and initiative — let’s celebrate it. If there’s a mote of good news for the rugged individualists here, surely it’s Jerry’s example.