Merry Christmas Bowe Bergdahl, come home

Bowe Bergdahl is an Army soldier being held hostage by the Taliban’s Haqqani network after being captured in June of 2009.

. . Bergdahl “came off patrol on June 30th, dropped off his weapon, his body armor, grabbed up a bottle of water, a compass and a knife and took off out on his own. It was sometime after that, apparently, that some local militants grabbed him and turned him over to the Taliban.”

After the Taliban abduction became public, Fox News Channel figured Bergdahl for a great traitor. Why? God knows. ‘What sort of soldier tries to get captured?’ they seemed to ask. Figuring it a proper denouement, their Lt. Col. Peters actually called for the Taliban to go ahead and kill him. Watch the end:

The Pentagon flipped out over that. It’s shoddy journalism to call for the death of an Army soldier in enemy hands, I think. You would figure more patriotic Americans to feel the same way.

Two and a half years later, after five Taliban propaganda videos, Bergdahl is still alive. And still enemy property. That’s enough for New York’s Fox News affiliates to turn him upside down, like a prop:

The only known American soldier in Taliban captivity is training fighters in bombmaking and ambush, according to information reported Sunday from one of his captors and the Afghan intelligence agents working to free him.

Oblivious of the purpose of propaganda, Fox 5 didn’t see the dangers in repeating whatever the Haqqanis told them. They didn’t figure the Taliban would have any reason to lie about this friendly Bergdahl. So now a sizable segment of the American population believes that Bowe deserted the Army to show the Taliban how to blow up Americans.

Don’t you believe it. Though it’s the latest media splash about Bowe, it’s unlikely to be true. Thanks to Roger Ailes, Bergdahl may currently look like some traitor. But in the hands of the Taliban, I’m betting he’s still a red-blooded American and a loyal soldier. The enemy knows better.