Conblogger Vox Day: Saudi Woman Tries to Drive, Dies. Typical Female.

Here’s a strange, sad bit of news.

A woman who defied a driving ban on female motorists in Saudi Arabia has died in a car crash.

Another was hurt in the crash in the only country in the world where females are banned from getting behind the wheel . .

They were in a four-wheel drive on Saturday evening in the northern Hael province when the accident happened.

‘One woman was immediately killed and her companion who was driving the car was hospitalised after she suffered several injuries’ police spokesman Abdulaziz al-Zunaidi told AFP.

How does news like this strike you? A tragic end for a brave person? Saudi Arabia remains a f*cked up nation? You hope her death be received with some kudos in the Arab world?

Those sentiments would be far from the minds of conservatives:

Those geniuses are thinking, “What a typical chick.”

Women, you know how they are. They’re a certain tragic, comical way. It’s true.

I would double-check Vox Day’s facts. Pretty much anyone who calls himself a “Superintelligence” on the banner of his crappy blog deserves as much, but what a chore. Where’s the official list of “female pioneers”? Once I find that, I guess I could compose and compare actuarial death tables against those of “women who are actually trying to commit suicide.” Right. Also: the driver survived, and that roundly defeats the post. Still, women are lame.


2 thoughts Conblogger Vox Day: Saudi Woman Tries to Drive, Dies. Typical Female.

  1. avatar WALTER O'ROURKE says:

    I lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for many years and the numbers of fatal car and truck wrecks daily when driven by men was astounding. The statement that the driver will get to the destination “If God Wills” is spoken before the car is moved by all Saudi drivers. Thereafter the drivers seem to feel that they have no further obligation to control the direction nor operation of the car in a safe and sensible way since the journey is now in the hands and fate of God.
    I really fear for the lives of all passengers in Saudi Arabia and fully understand why women would not want to drive even if allowed by their laws to do so.

  2. avatar toma says:

    Holy crap. Remind me not to vacation there.

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