L.A. teacher Mark Berndt arrested for abusing, photographing elementary school students

So horrifying:

Teacher accused of taking elementary student ‘bondage’ photos
By Alan Duke, CNN

Los Angeles (CNN) — A Los Angeles elementary school teacher allegedly took bondage photos of more than two dozen students in his classroom, including some with suspected semen-filled spoons at their mouths, investigators said Tuesday . .

“They thought they were being blindfolded and gagged as a game,” [Sgt. Dan Scott] said. “And they were rewarded with cookies or spoons full of sugar (but) they did not realize the spoon contained semen.”

The man’s name is Mark Berndt:

While the investigation began more than a year ago, the arrest came soon after lab testing matched Berndt’s DNA with semen found on a spoon recovered from his classroom, Scott said. Investigators persuaded the suspect to voluntarily give them a DNA sample just two months ago, he said.

There are going to be so many questions as to why it took so long to find, fire and then arrest this guy. Cases like this make you ashamed to be an adult.