Saturday night and it’s okay to put things in Dana Loesch’s vagina

The Golden Pundit, Dana Loesch, weighs in on Virginia’s shocking Valentine Wand Law. You could call it the “On your back, whore, so we can cram things in you” law. I was enlightened by this take:

“’Oh what about the Virginia rape? The rapes that, the forced rapes of women who are pregnant?’ What!? Wait a minute. They had no problem having similar to a trans-vaginal procedure when they engaged in the act that resulted in their pregnancy…”

Quote Dana: They had absolutely no problem putting something in their vaginas yesterday. Why can’t the government put something in their vaginas today? That’s a good point. You know how women are, they’ll be all orgasm before you can even turn the thing on. There’s a reason to think positively of it. Think of the pleasure that technology brings. I think about the government doing this to pregnant women, but it only makes me sick.

Remember friends: Dana has been pregnant before. Twice. So feel free to shove things in her – preferably an object that emits electromagnetic radiation. Have a doctor knock her on her ass and cram a flashlight in her. Try one of those Maglites cops love to bounce off felons’ skulls, that will do. Put it in there. A Chevy headlight. An x-ray machine. The space shuttle. It’s government owned and not doing much of nothing, no harm done. Stuff’s been up in there before. I like logic. I love soup.


2 thoughts Saturday night and it’s okay to put things in Dana Loesch’s vagina

  1. avatar Grung_e_Gene says:

    Do you think Dana was cheering for the male rapist of Lisbeth Salander?

    But, don’t forget to piss on Dana afterwards.

  2. avatar toma says:

    Just saw the movie. Couldn’t watch that scene. I’m betting Dana was pointing and laughing all the way through it. Channeling her, I’d think since the Lisbeth character forced steely objects through her skin, it would be fine to stab her in the face.

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