Michael Kobulnicky, Tea Party Rape Excelsior

Good Ole’ Michael Kobulnicky. Supra-American. Sick with Tea Party values.

Quote: ‘Reinforce your values while educating and re-educating others.’ To wit:

By Miriam Raftery | East County Magazine

March 17, 2012 (Lemon Grove)—Lemon Grove resident Michael John Kobulnicky, 50, a leader in the San Diego Tea Party and former regional director of the Southern California Conservative Party, is under arrest for allegedly kidnapping and raping a local woman on Fiesta Island . .

“. . He dragged her out of the car and sexually assaulted her pretty brutally,” San Diego Police Lt. Andra Brown told ECM news partner 10 News in late February, shortly after the February 25 assault occurred . .

. . On his website, http://www.michaelkobulnickyusa.com, Kobulnicky lists his leadership roles as “currently the co-organizer and public relations representative for the San Diego Tea Party.”

After Kobulnicky’s arrest, the San Diego Tea Party issued a statement indicating that Kobulnicky took leave the group in January for personal reasons and had not been in touch since then.


5 thoughts Michael Kobulnicky, Tea Party Rape Excelsior

  1. avatar Grung_e_Gene says:

    Stop Raping People! Oh wait… Tea baggers don’t ever do anything wrong! They ARE America!

  2. avatar toma says:

    The Founding Fathers raped their slaves. Are you saying you’re better than the Founding Fathers?

  3. avatar Grung_e_Gene says:

    “If it’s inevitable why not lie back and enjoy it…”

    Conservatives are pro-rape because it’s tradition for Rich White Right-Wingers to fuck over Americans

  4. avatar Rose Bunjas says:

    Rape, Tea Party, Christian, Founding Fathers, The Constitution, Kenya university, cheezy masters degree. You too can become a Republican.

  5. avatar toma says:

    And it won’t even cost you that much. Becoming a scooter mechanic is far more expensive, respectable and worthwhile.

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