My Abortion Could Beat Up Your World War Two

History reminds you, and me, and a few others, that there are tragedies of monstrous proportions. Crimes of epic evil. Acts of horror so vile and vast, they crack the collective consciousness. There are planet-rocking events that leave behind dead bodies by the millions and headstrong nations lifeless in their wake. If you’re typical, like me, the Holocaust comes to mind.

Professor Mike Adams just put up a new post. It covers a trending topic: How the Jews don’t know anything about tragedy, evil, or wholesale slaughter. They won’t even admit that their own females are clearly ‘Nazis’. And by that I’m not referring to the anonymous Central Casting types that get shot by Aldo Ray but our own fascist fanatics who, every day, murder innocent and defenseless people by the thousands. Re: The Unborn.

Mike Adams is not the first person to draw an analogy between the Holocaust and abortion, but we wish he would be the last one. (“Aborting Hitler,” Mike Adams, January 30th)…


David C. Friedman
Regional Director, Washington DC | Anti-Defamation League

Who are you, David Friedman, to poke your nose into a genocide? Or into a devout Christian’s blog? Who are the Jews to criticize Mike Adams and then refuse to pick up the phone?

Jews For Genocide
by Mike Adams | | January 19, 2012

…In my column, I correctly referred to the Nazi Holocaust as a Holocaust. I correctly referred to the feminist Holocaust as a Holocaust. I did not deny or in any way minimize any Holocaust. I simply spoke of two instead of speaking of one. If you are anti-Holocaust, then why are you morally superior for talking about one less Holocaust than I do? I just don’t understand your basic premise. Unfortunately, you will not pick up the phone to explain it to me when I call your office.

Uh-oh. We’ve hit a pile-up on the intellectual highway, and Friedman isn’t answering his phone. How many Holocausts were there? How many are there currently? What qualifies as your routine, every-day genocide? I see an argument on Aristotelian concepts coming. How many sides does your proper triangle have? What if I really like your triangle and I want one of my own?

[Friedman:] “Referring to abortion as the ‘American Holocaust’, makes for a catchy headline but it also undermines the historical truth of Nazi Germany, and Adams ought to know better. The Holocaust was the systematic industrialized murder of millions and should never translate into 2012 political analogies.”

[Adams:] Author’s Note: The headline was “Aborting Hitler” not “American Holocaust.” Friedman is undermining the historical truth of what I have written. He ought to know better.

Blog writer’s note. Here is Adams in the ‘Hitler’ post: “…That has been the story of the American Holocaust as well…” Which would be an argument, not a ‘catchy headline.’ If you prefer one of those things, how about Mike’s? “Jews For Genocide”. It’s snappy, it catches your eye, and it gets to the point. Adams is completely mild-mannered and reasonable.

For bonus appreciation, how about the opening of that ‘Hitler’ post?

Someone once asked me whether I would abort Adolf Hitler if I knew in advance he would try to launch a Holocaust against millions of Jews. I said I would not. That is because aborting Hitler would not have prevented the Holocaust. It would have justified it.

Killing the fetus who would later slaughter millions of defenseless people would have justified the Holocaust? Hmm. What if I waited until it was pulled out of Mommy’s vagina and then I stomped its evil little head? Not an abortion, but would it also justify something? Maybe Nuclear War? Or would that be No Big Deal? Given that Adams is a huge fan of capital punishment, not to mention the glorious War in Iraq, I’m not impressed by his moral posturing. I’m seeing a regular-old Wingnut.

Now, I think I understand your position. You don’t think the unborn are “people.” Well, what are they? Are you even prepared to offer an explanation of when a living fetus becomes a “person”?…

Finally, I must take exception to your decision to sign off using the word “sincerely.” You aren’t sincere. If you were sincere, you would take seriously the argument that the unborn are persons…

Unfortunately, you have become nothing more than a Holocaust denier.

If we know anything about the guys from the Anti-Defamation League, it’s that they’re a bunch of jokers when it comes to the Holocaust. Shoot, if they could only manage to take the subject matter more sincerely.

Of course the commenters at Townhall have taken their cues from Mike and piled on:

–Oden Wrote: 1 hour ago (7:41 PM)

“Clearly Friedman discounts the great anguish and suffering abortion causes Adams and his fellow anti-choicers. Friedman doesn’t seem to understand that Adams’s suffering is comparable to the suffering of Jews having their families split apart at Nazi death camps. Hard to believe Friedman could be so unfeeling as to deny the obvious moral equivalence and be reluctant to discuss Adam’s suffering with him for free…

“Isn’t that just like the Jews? Always going on about Jew suffering while minimizing the suffering of gentiles.”

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