The Trayvon Martin reaction getting bizarre

You know how certain events get caught in the wind? How, at a certain point, the reactions get unhinged from the tragedy? How the waving and yelling become a spectacle all their own? We hit that point yesterday.

You know the Martin tragedy has hit the Fellini phase when:

1.) They trot out the shooter’s close black ‘friend,’ who’s twice his age.
2.) The friend can’t hear “fucking coons,” but he can hear “fucking goons.”
3.) The friend informs America that “goon” is a “term of endearment.”
4.) And, trust him, no one uses that racial “epitaph” any more.

I’m to assume the killer’s black buddies, a bunch of TV anchormen in their 50s, he calls “goons” because he’s not about to shoot them as they’re all good friends. Right. Meanwhile, the Fox News merchandise site has stopped selling hoodies. Because they’re just journalists, folks, and they don’t take sides on the news. Audio/video:


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